Monday, February 12, 2007

NEW FEATURE! Mystery Question

Ok, so along with the "Caption This" game, I have decided to add a new game called "Mystery Question". Each week, I will post a new brain teaser, at the end of the week, I will post the answer. It's as simple as that! So here we go!

"For several days, a man stood in the parking lot looking up at the apartment building across the street. This man was becoming a nuisance and one ofthe tenants of the building phoned the local authorities to have the man removed. Several days later, when the authorities finally responded to the call, the man was gone. All they found was a couple of buttons and a hat. Who was the man they just missed?"

Good luck!

EDIT: Argh. The first answer got it. So here's another question:

There is a certain crime, that if it's attemped, is punushable, but if it is commited, it is not punishable. What is the crime?

UPDATE: You guys are brains! Here is yet another question, since it would appear these are too easy...

There is a robot that is programmed to assemble a children's toys. During lab tests, the robot assembled hundreds of toys without any errors. The day arrived when the robot was to give a public demo and as "Murphy's Law" would have it, everything went wrong. The toy pieces were put into a carton and sealed and brought to the public demonstration. The robot was given the carton filled with toy pieces, but it was unable to assemble a single toy. What went wrong?"