Saturday, June 07, 2008

Fashion Designers Work To Combat Childhood Obesity

LINCOLN, Illinois -Obesity has become a huge problem plaguing American children today. Hardest hit are teen and pre-teen males. Fortunately, some enterprising young fashion designers are doing something about it.

A group of designers from the Rita Blanding School of Fashion in Lincoln, IL have put together a program to aid young boys with their overweight issues. Dubbed the "Fat Boy Fashion Show", the show seeks to alleviate the embarrassing sting of adolescent male breasts and wide waistbands by accentuating their natural curves and embellishing their moobs with plunging necklines and revealing, yet tasteful tops.

"The research has shown that the biggest obstacle for these boys isn't overeating, but fashion choices," says Susan Marlowe, lead designer for the show. "Baggy shorts, baseball caps flipped backwards and tight logo tees are simply wrong for these boys. We're showing them that they can wear pinstripes to elongate their torsos and well-tailored suits to embrace their voluptuous curvy figures."

Along with the "Extreme Fashion Makeover", grooming is also being reinvented.

"We are teaching these boys that pulling your hair up and away from your shoulders will peel away pounds. By having them grow out their crewcuts and sweeping their hair into high ponytails, they are pleasantly surprised at how much slimmer their faces look," continues Marlowe.

"In the end, it's all about making smarter choices."

If successful, the designs will appear this summer as giveaways in KFC, Taco Bell and Big Boy kids meals.