Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm Melting...IN VEGAS!

Arrived in Vegas. To 110 degree temps. It is damn hot out here. Who woulda thunk it? Anywho, attended the shrinking New Media Expo, went to In-N-Out Burger with The Eye-bott and Mashupman Sebastiaan and overall, just trying to make it to tonight's Coverville 500 party at Bally's. I'm going to try and get some video this weekend, but so far, not a whole lot. Plus, rumor has it that the Scott Johnson is sick. So that sucks.

Anyway, sleep for a second, then more expoing!

UPDATE: Coverville 500 was awesome. Great show. Video coming soon, I'm sure (courtesy of me). Photos and more coming this week as well. Hoping to get some video of this event, but it seems less likely as every minute goes by. More later...

UPDATE 2: Photos of my long Friday at the NME are up for you to look at now.