Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Online Art Classes - Show Of Hands

Last week, I tweeted about the possibility of me doing an online Pay-Per-View art class. In the interest of full disclosure, I got the idea from internet musician and friend, Mike Lombardo who is doing something similar with online music lessons. (Thanks Mike!)

So, in order for me to get a handle on how much real interest there is in me teaching online art classes, I am soliciting some responses from you. If you are interested in doing a Pay Per View art class with me as your teacher, send me an e-mail at artclass AT lenperalta dot com. Make sure you use the Subject Line: PPV Online Art Class. When I figure there are enough people interested, I'll make another announcement and give you all the details. For time being, the age limit would be 18 and over. If there is enough interest for a kids class, then I'll give it some thought and offer that in the future.

Also, rather than put up a survey, and because I want to elicit some back and forth response on this endeavor, feel free to write in the comments of this post what kinds of things you'd want to learn, what techniques you think would be interesting to cover and if you'd want to do all digital illustration. Because of technical limitations, it might just be digital illustration, but I guess it all depends.

Thanks for your input and I look forward to (perhaps) being your online art teacher!