Saturday, September 03, 2005

Jawbone #67: Sorting It Out

Nora and I do a show trying to work out for ourselves what is happening right now on the Gulf Coast of the US. Included are a few songs from Garageband artists who hail from New Orleans, LA.


Anderson Cooper goes nuts.

From New Orleans, LA:
Crispin Schroeder Band | Ponchartrain
Lil' Bob and the Lollipops | You Know It Ain't Right
The Lascivious Biddies | Neighbor

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  2. Great show, loved the music.

  3. It really is sad, all those people, I will try to help them out. Also Len and Nora, could you go to and scroll down to the silver button with the globe and add yourself to my guestmap.

  4. Thanks For Adding Yourselves to the map!

  5. Good Show Guys.

    I will feature artist from the same locations.

    Keep castin

  6. You were asking why people were fingerpointing for someone to blame. Human nature is rooted in punishing the evil doers. if we trip while waling along the side walk we blame the shoes or the bump. I do not believe they are blaming the storm or the damage on anyone, but the inability of the government to protect it's people. That is the #1 Priority of the goverment. When they put all their eggs in one basket (the superdome) and the roof was blowing off that night. THey should of had a plan the next morning. The "THEY" refers to ANYONE who made any decisions on what should of been done.

    THe angry news guys finally asked a politician to be honest, and she faild to do it. Someone needs to get angry. Light a fire under some people. The woman who he talked to will not be embarrassed and will want to prove her worth. SO the anger will be well spent.

  7. You asked why somebody 'has to be' at fault. Sometimes, people are -- or in this case, governments are. No, they didn't cause the hurricane, nor can they be blamed for building New Orleans where it is.

    But because of poor government decisions and disorganization before and after the disaster, people died who did not have to. This is not a fact that can be lightly set aside.

    Stating this, expressing anger about it, also does not preclude helping out in other ways. It is not an either/or situation.

    Frankly, a CNN reporter expressing a little of that righteous public anger is good. The news media has been rolling over and parroting government talking points for too long. Like Jon Stewart said in a different context, they have been hurting America.

    Whether the government handling was maliciousness, incompetence, or something else is immaterial. The government -- *our* government -- must be held accountable for their part in the needless death and destruction.