Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dirty Jobs Spoof

Those of you who are fans of this site and of LEN TV will probably remember my Man Vs Mild parodies from earlier this year. Based on some of your requests, I uploaded one of the videos to the Discovery Channel's You Spoof Contest. Well, imagine my surprise when this past week, I got a call from someone at Discovery who said they liked the video and they would like me to produce more.

So, I called my friend Jim Tews, (who incidentally helped me with the Glurn audio spots you'll hear on the show and at and he put me in touch with some very talented local comedians.

Long story short, I wrote a script, got a location and produced this short 3 minute film for Discovery.

An incredble amount of thanks go out to Jim, Michael Ivy, Ryan Dalton, John Wellington, Tim Cornett and mostly, my bro-in-law Mike, who allowed us film at his service station and was a good sport helping a few idiots like us make heads and tails out of the underbelly of a car.

Enjoy the show!

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