Saturday, September 01, 2007

Monster By Mail: Round 5 - Now Accepting Orders!

It may be hard to believe, but Monster By Mail is back again with a brand new theme, new t-shirts, a new gear store, and a incredibly different way to send even more monstrous cool things through the mail to yourself or to loved ones. And when I say this is a pretty big deal...well, you'll see.

First off, as mentioned previously on this blog, the new theme is Aliens. If you have been following the show and the blog, you have seen and heard the Vote Glurn campaign for 2008 is in full swing. And you can get behind our alien overlord in a myriad of ways.

Only 175 original alien drawings will be created for this phase. Each order will get a FREE Vote Glurn bumper sticker and campaign button to show your support. Not only that, but you have the option of purchasing either a Vote Glurn Tee or a Roswell Class of 1947 Tee with your order. (It is, after all, the 60th anniversary ofthe incident in New Mexico, in case you were following.)

As if that weren't enough, the first 100 orders (not counting multiple orders) will get a free CD of 50 old time Sci-Fi radio shows courtesy of (Rumor has it that a cool promotion is in the works for those lucky enough to receive one of the CDs, too. So hang on to 'em!)

ALSO! In case you were the kind of person who doesn't care for my art, but would love one of my tees, I have finally opened The Monster By Mail Official Gear Store that not only has the two new alien designs, but also the See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Eat Brains design from the Summmer of the Undead. There are plenty of buying options for people overseas and Canada, as well as sizes up to 4X. So there is plenty to make everyone happy!

And finally - (I told you this was a pretty big deal) Monster By Mail is proud to partner with another Cleveland company, ZenDot3D. Zendot is like a sister to MBM in the sense that they also send cool things through the mail. Well, I am pleased to announce that the Monster By Mail store at Zendot is now open for business. Right now, you can send a personalized test tube full or gummy brains or some freeze-dried alien ice cream to the person of your choice. And the stuff arrives to your recipient sans box! It's totally unique, totally cool and totally Monster By Mail-approved. We're hoping to add more products as MBM continues to grow so, get over there and show your support for our first real partner!'s a lot to digest I know. But I'm looking to make Monster By Mail as cool as I can. I owe it all to you for supporting this project and making it an enormous success. Thanks much to Dan Coulter and Jim Tews who have been incredibly helpful for me during this process. I cannot thank them enoigh. I'll be spilling more details about the Halloween Promo in a few days, so stay tuned for that as well.

But in the meantime, head on over to Monster By Mail and get an alien for yourself!