Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Message From the Compliance Division

A few months ago, I posted a story about some spam snail mail I received that was marked as being from The Administrative Offices of the Billing Audit Bureau. It looked to come from an official place in Naples Florida, when in actuality, it was from New Hill Services in Denver, trying to get me to re-subscribe to the Inside Photoshop magazine. That story got Boing Boinged, and for a while I didn't get any correspondence from New Hill. That is, until about a week ago.

This is their newest tactic, this time from Eli Journals. I'm pretty sure New Hill and Eli are the same place, since they are trying to get me to re-subscribe to the same mag. Regardless, this is what I got in the mail:

Notice the government yellow color of the envelope, just so you know it's official, Here's a closer look at the envelope:

It's from the "Compliance Division" in Washington D.C. complete with a pic of the Capitol Building, so you know it's important. This is my favorite part though:

Isn't that true for all mail? Why is this correspondence from the Compliance Division so much more important. As it turns out, it's just fake invoice from Eli telling me to "ACT NOW" and "LOCK IN THE SAVINGS!" Once again, it looks like an invoice, but it doesn't claim to be one.

Anyway, here is the address of these junk mail artists. I just noticed that their address is in Philly, but their web address says they are from Naples, FL. Odd.

My advice to you is to never, ever, EVER subscribe to anything that Eli or New Hill is hawking.