Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Message From The Administrative Offices of The Billing Audit Bureau

I went to get the mail today and I got this very important piece of mail:

It's from the Administrative Offices of The Billing Audit Bureau in Naples, Florida. We've all heard of them right? Pretty important stuff. You'll also see that this is a second notice, so it may have been something I missed the first time.

Plus, it has this ultra-important watermark (which is fake, BTW. It's just printed on.)

As it turns out, it's yet another piece of mail from this place called New Hill Services. A few years ago, I subscribed to their Inside Photoshop magazine. It was good, with some interesting tips, but I let the subscription run out. But they just won't let the issue rest. I kind of enjoy getting these mailings from them -- I get about 2 -3 a week, no joke -- because they keep coming up with new tactics to get me to open the junk.

What I find even more amusing is that the use the address in Naples on the front, but they are really in Denver, CO.

Not only that, but the mailing house that this supposed metered mail came from is in Albany.

What I really love, though. is that the note says for me to Please Pay This Amount, but that "This Is Not An Invoice." Oh, so I guess it's just a suggestion then? I wish I could do that with clients I don't have. Send them a bill for services they don't want and then "suggest" a price for the said services.

I guess as long as they keep sending me them, I'll keep reading them. And as long as they are not invoices, I'll keep not paying them,