Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Bald Influence Continues

I found this rather amusing. This comes from one of our Superfans, Pete:
Hi Len, I'm "glasserpt", the guy who left comments on your blog about "I'll shave my head if you shave yours". Well, I kept my end of the bargain, and on Fri. the 17th I shaved my head down to the skin. I've attached my before & after pics. I'm gonna try to stay bald at least through May to see what the warmer months are like without hair (we live in Jefferson, WI and the average temp. has been in the mid 30's...brrrr).

At first I thought it was a really good Photoshop job, but he actually did cut off all his hair! You can see Pete before and after. I don't have the heart to tell Pete that those pics weren't really of me, but of a very close look-alike to me. Ah well, I think you look great Pete!