Friday, August 10, 2007

Red Ring O' Death

Well, it happened. As I knew it would, eventually. I got the dreaded Red Ring O'Death on my XBOX 360 tonight. I had been dreading getting it since I read on ELR that MS admitted on July 5th that there was a fatal flaw in every single 360 unit that could cause them to fail. Because of the unbelievable amount of repairs that MS had to take on, they extended their warranty to three years and is fixing the units (including shipping) at no cost to the consumer.

Apparently, I haven't had it as bad as some customers have had it. I only had three of the four rings, which indicates a hardware failure. And I can get on and play every so often. But the unit will freeze and die in the middle of a game. Others have just had their unit up and die on them. My word to you is that if you have purchased an XBOX in the first year, it's not a question of IF your machine will die, but WHEN your machine will die. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Well, at least there's still the Wii. :)