Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Zombies Make A TV Cameo

Rick, Senior Editor with MacMerc sent me this awesome photo of his zombie on a segment of "The Lab With Leo Laporte". Rick says:
"I visit the show once a month a do 2 segments and this time I did so with your drawing sandwiched between my MacBook Pro lid and the clear plastic shell in which I have it cocooned.

Unfortunately, there was never any time in my segments for me to go off-topic and acknowledge the zombie or how I came to acquire him. But, heck, and appearance on TV is still an appearance on TV."
Indeed, Rick. I have a feeling that if Leo turned around in the photo, you'd see his mouth watering, gazing at the zombie and thinking of the delicious brains he could be eating after the show.

That's what I think he'd be doing anyway. Thanks for the wonderful photo Rick! And if anyone else has any photos of their monsters in the wild, send em in!