Friday, February 29, 2008

March of the Monsters

We mentioned this on the show last night, but in case you are ignoring the show, I'll mention it here as well.

March 30th marks the 1 year anniversary of Monster By Mail. And I'd really like to hit the 1000 milestone by the 30th. As I mentioned on the show, I am just a mere 31 orders away from meeting that goal. And with this being the 29th of February...guess what? There are 31 days to March 30th! How convenient! So in order to TRY to make the goal of 1000 monsters before the end of March, I'm encouraging everyone to do their part and order at least one monster from me. Remember, the 1000th monster gets a free 9 x 12 upgrade and a fun MBM monster pack to go along with their order. So go ahead, get on over to Monster By Mail and do your part for the "March of the Monsters!"