Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Nora's Big Meaty Birthday Show

It's Nora's birthday. We document the whole day including shopping, opening presents, and lots of greetings from all over the podosphere. We end up at Brasa Grill Steakhouse in downtown Cleveland, eating and enjoying over 17 types of meat. We end the show with one of the coolest birthday songs written.

Running Time - 50:54
Going to Target.
At Brasa Grill Steakhouse.
The Salad Bar.
Nora is sad.
We sold a T-shirt to some guy in Denmark.
Happy Birthday, Knorah by Dj Hojo
We flip the card, and the meat starts flowing.
Mae West birthday greetings
Nora is the voice of Jawbone.
The mystique of Nora.
Nora's marriage tips and advice.
Nora (and Len) by D. Verada.

Special thanks to Amanda Congdon, Brian Ibbot, D. Verada, Dj Hojo, Luke Stark, Simulacrum, Nora's Mom and Dad, Jim, Laura, Monica, Hari, Herb, Stu, Todd, Robbin, Keeme, Bazooka Joe, IndieKid, and Greg for helping us put this show together.

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