Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Whacky Brand Name Fiesta Show

It's official. I am a podcasting expert. At least to the folks at Ligget-Stashower.

George Nemeth of Brewed Fresh Daily, Matt Wardlaw from The Metal Show, David Lay of the Cleveland Podcasting Meetup Group and myself were invited to Ligget-Stashower Advertising in downtown Cleveland to speak to their PR department about podcasting. Incidentally, the building that Liggett Stashower Advertising is located in was prominently featured at the begining of The Drew Carey Show. It was the building that Drew worked at. Neat little bit of Cleveland trivia, eh?

BTW, there is a little contest involved with this podcast. Since we spent part of our meeting talking about embedded ads in podcasts and viral marketing, there are TONS of brand name references in this cast. If you can figure out how many brand names we mention in this podcast, you can win a pretty nifty prize. One winner will be chosen from all the correct entries we recieve. Local Cleveland winners will recieve two tickets to the Improv Comedy Club. If you win and you're not from Cleveland, you'll win a pretty cool Official Jawbone Radio T-shirt. So listen in from brand names and start tabulating.

Send your guesses to And remember to send along your mailing address with the entry. Good luck!

Running Time: 43:00 on the dot.
The walk to Liggett, I am accosted by a world-famous Cleveland panhandler.
"Welcome to Cleveland".
An abbreviated version of the podcasting meeting.
The four of us meet for lunch at Otto Moser's.
David Lay is a DDR Freak.
The worst podcast ever.
The moment we realize Pope Benedict XVI is elected.

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  1. it was a fun time! we gotta do this again...

    more brand-dropping!

    now, back to more DDR...

  2. Thought I would stop in to say, "Hi"!!!


    'Thought & Humor'
    Cyber Humor
    Harvard Humor Club

  3. We might have our own separate podcast brewing here....since a couple of us are DDR fans, perhaps it might not be off base to go with a lame name for the new podcast "Guys' Night Out"

    new voicemail


    Thanks again for bringing the mobile setup.

  4. i second that motion, matt!

  5. Hope you have an arrangement with the guys who were playing the background during the actual show....cause I have that album!!!

  6. The strangest thing happened today--Ligget-Stashower Advertising called me and offered me a 7 figure deal on my own Podcast--they are going to move me to Cleveland! Seems as though they had some schmoes in the office today teaching them all the Podcasting secrets...