Sunday, April 24, 2005

We're An Unhip Couple, Now Give Us Your Money

I've been pretty upset about things lately, especially with the amount of husband and wife podcasts that are popping up that are trying to be something they aren't. And if these are their real personalities, then I feel bad. Something about these oh-so-hip, cutting edge couples seems very disingenous to me. I guess what I'm trying to say is that when everyone is jaded and cynical, then no one is.

Ugh. I don't think I made the point I wanted to during tonights show and as I'm writing this, I still don't feel like I'm making the point I want to make. Hopefully, people will undestand what I'm trying to say. And at the very least dig it. If not, then I expect lots of people to point and laugh. Just as if I were riding a recumbant bike.

Running Time 44:34
Upset about the state of podcasting, especially husband and wife podcasts.
Jaded cynicism seems to be the order of the day.
Internet by The Computer.
Oops I Did It Again by Louis Armstrong.
Nora's financial statments.
Sinking money into nickels.
Explanation on how someone can fall out of a 1 story building and die.
Jayson wins our terribly-planned contest.
We were on the front page of paper in Easton, PA, Huntsville, AL and in the Las Vegas Tribune.
Nora goes out of town.
Random facts about Vin Diesel.

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  1. Tonight, I discovered your podcast via It was an absolute pleasure to listen to.

    I've listened to many of the "couples" podcasts. And I have to agree with you. It's extremely tiresome.

    It's cool that a married couple can come together and take part in a hobby they both enjoy.

    But man, so many of these people just don't have the personality, the intelligence and the charisma to pull off what they are trying to do. Listening to people try and be provocative and continually fail is so frustrating.

    I guess the thing that is most disappointing is, here is this new medium which gives people a voice and absolute freedom. And what are they doing? They're copying each other. I'm sorry, but when people find themselves inspired by Dawn and Drew and feel led to mimic their shtick, that is just sad.

    You guys have a good, solid podcast. Please continue with what you are doing and know that your listeners will be loyal because they appreciate how genuine you are.

  2. I agree totally--I am *trying* to keep our show "real" as can be--Julie and I have been married for a few short years now, but what you hear on the show is pretty much what you hear off the show--me being a total goof-off and her basically telling me I'm a total goof-off most of the day. By introducing the mobile Podcasting I hope to bring in even more realism--The only thing fake on our show is my showname (Mr. X). Otherwise, you get what you hear. What you will *not* hear is the gross-out comedy on other shows (husband/wife/couple shows) that you would hear on Howard Stern--I love the Stern show, don't get me wrong--but I cannot pull off Howard Stern and feel comfortable doing it. I have family members listening as well as other people who don't want to hear sex/language/gross humor.

    Now, occasionally we may elude to adult situations, but it's very rare (if ever) to hear us swear or talk about blatant sexual situations.

    That's exactly why I love Jawbone--there isn't the gross-out humor that I could get elsewhere if needed. They sound like a fun couple who seem to be the same people on the show as they are off the show. As Swingin' Len said, there's a level of maturity you have to bring to your show and I think they do that well.

    As far as collaborating with Len and Nora, the only way that is going to happen is if I can do the show from their 2.5 million dollar renovated basement. Julie and I can Podcast from the basement and just Skype up to the attic where Len and Nora would be Podcasting simultaneously. It would be a Podcast powerhouse...We could co-write a book like Dan Klass, I suppose. We could write about the evil empire of Adam Curry taking over the world by implanting secret messages into each "Daily Source Code" Podcast telling us to go eat at Applebees...

    Keep doing what you are doing, L & N--I love the show and look forward to hearing each and every one. And not because you mention me on each and every show, either, since you get paid very well to do so.

    Love and kisses, Mr. X

  3. Hi guys,

    I must say, I like listening to your show. I'm 26, and though I can't really relate to your married bliss, I still find your banter enjoyable. I was listening to your most recent show, about the husband/wife teams, and I realized that your show and the Mr. X and Just Julie show are the only husband/wife shows I listen to! I guess that says something about me, huh?

    Anyway, about the kebab on your site here: Apparently the Doner Kebab is an amazing delicacy, according to my girlfriend. She's been to Europe a few times, and that's one of the things she fondly remembers. And there's no stick!

    So keep up the good work, and don't worry about what other people are doing.