Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Finally our own iTunes Ad!

With the release of iTunes 6 today, and the new iPods, I thought I would commemorate it by designing our own iTunes Ad. It's about freakin' time too!

Jawbone iTunes Ad


  1. That is really really cool. Do you make those available to fellow podcast outlaws? Does begging work?

  2. I encourage begging. :)

  3. To take Len and Nora out of the "shadows" and see their faces a little better:
    1. Open Photoshop
    2. Copy the above picture and paste it into a new Photoshop document
    3. Go to Image>Adjustments...>Levels...
    4. Slide the middle slider to the left until Len and Nora's bright, shiny faces appear.
    5. Enjoy.

  4. That works? Really? Hmmm...

  5. Awww... Lenny!

    You took your image out of the picture and left only the shadow. My instructions above won't work with the big picture.

    Read my email online and let your listeners have a voice. You'll be surprised how we all feel. We want to see your bright, shiny faces!


  6. Hehe...Nora was a little disappointed that I used such an unflattering picture of her for the shadow. It was really tough finding a picture of us togther, let alone a photo of us recording a show. Hope it's not too disappointing.

    And there is something to be said about mystery. :)

  7. Exactly how I pictured both of you. :)
    Love the show!