Friday, October 07, 2005

Jawbone #75: Nora and the Designer Hats

Can you believe it gang? We've made it to show #75. Seventy-five! That's just 25 away from being at show 100. Hopefully we'll be able to get there, but let's take one show at a time.

On this episode, Nora and I try to explain to our new audience members who we are, what we're all about and why they should be listening to such a fine show. We get some great e-mails and voice mails and more. We also make another plea for submissions for the Jawbone Open Mic Podcast Show. You can win stuff! Join us, won't you?

Running Time: 45:43
Show Notes:
Todd Lerner | Television Light
Nate Sullivan | TV Girl

PMC Top 10 Countdown
Kyle Dragon Ash
See Rob Draw

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