Friday, February 10, 2006

Jawbone #96.5: The Cincy Podcast Summit

Here's a special treat for the weekend: A Jawbone Minicast! On today's minicast, we document our meeting with actual podcasting legend, Brian Ibbott of the world's most popular music podcast, Coverville. Listen as we discuss Brian's eating habits, our influence on the podcasting world, the changes we plan on making to the podworld and much, much more. It's a tantalizing audio document that you really shouldn't miss.

And if you can't get enough of us hanging with Mr. Ibbott, check out the latest episode of Coverville, where Nora and I sit in as special guests, discuss our favorite cover songs and everything else that Brian didn't edit out.

BTW, you'll notice this show is considered part of show 96, my solocast. So this does not count toward the 100 show total. That's for the benefit of those keeping score. A real live show will be coming later this weekend. Stay tuned!

Also, Jawbone turns one year old today. Just thought you'd like to know that. You know, if you wanted to send us birthday wishes and all...


Beatallica | A Garage Dayz Night

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  2. Sounds like all of you had a lot of fun at dinner. I need to check out "Coverville" soon. Been meaning to for awhile.