Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Vader Project

Originally uploaded by bonniegrrl.
Dovetailing off GuitarMania, here is another totally cool art project called "The Vader Project".

"Walking through The Vader Project exhibit at Celebration IV is like taking a stroll through a Darth Vader tribute done by the coolest lowbrow and urban artists on the planet. As fans walk through the exhibit they can see the artist’s own unique style featured on each helmet. Whether it’s a Tiki-inspired design from Shag or a girlie 1940’s style pinup from Marc Ecko — it’s apparent each artist took time to pay special tribute to the headwear of the Sith."

I found out about this project from one of my Flickr contacts, Bonniegrrl, who is a Lucas employee. Man, I wish I had her job. Check out the full set of photos here.

And check out more about the Vader Project (including a video) here.