Monday, June 18, 2007

Zombies In The Wild, At Apple and In Belgium

I've been totally bad about posting submissions that have been coming in from people and I apologize for that. So let me use this time to post about some cool things that have been showing up in my inbox.

First off, Michael in SLC (a regular poster) sends me this image of his Tropical Beach Zombie. Says Michael "I was compelled to take a closer look thru our photos from when we were in Hawaii in February of this year: And sure enough, there had been a "Tropical Beach Zombie" following us the whole time!!!!!" Crazy how these things happen!

While we're on the subject of Zombies, Jen sends me this story from a while ago about Zombies Attacking the SF Apple Store. Eek!

Up next, we head to Belgium where Knightwise's beautiful wife Nyana celebrated her 30th birthday. To commemorate the occassion, I drew Nyana as Six from BSG. Woo! The image (along with some others I have drawn for them) are hanging all over their flat.

As always, keep sending along the images everyone and I'll keep posting them!