Monday, July 02, 2007

Mystery Question 7-2-07

In this teaser, you are to take the first letter from the people's surnames to discover the name of one of the most celebrated composers of 20th century America. Easy enough!

1. In 1871, I opened a circus billed as, "The Greatest Show On Earth."

2. I became the most famous scientist of the 20th century because of my theory of relativity. In 1921, I won the Nobel Prize for my 1905 work on the photoelectric effect.

3. Not only did I establish the British colony of Singapore, but I was an enthusiastic natural historian who also founded the "London Zoological Society."

4. I featured in several B-grade movies early on in my career, then became famous for playing the cold-blooded killer, Raven, in 1941's "This Gun For Hire."

5. I was sent to prison in 1972 and ordered to pay back $765,000 to my publishers when it was determined that my "authorized" biography of reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes was a fake.

6. I gained national fame from my 1965 book, "Unsafe At Any Speed", which exposed the automobile industry's irresponsibility when it came to designing safe cars.


Congrats to Ollie who guessed the answer to last week's teaser correctly! Go Ollie!