Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Crustacean Without The Crust

Unfortunately, I can't take credit for that funny title. Regardless, check this out. It's the future of sucking meat out of a lobster. As if we needed a new way to suck meat out of a lobster. Talk about taking all the fun out of eating these juicy, delicious spiders. Anyway, one machine called the Avure 215L uses pressure (and a bit of magic, me thinks) to suck every bit of meat out of a lobster whole. Whole, I tell you!! No more nicks and cuts on your fingers that get stung with lemon juice and encrusted with butter. Am I ready for this? More importantly, are YOU, ready for this, you crustacean punks? From the blog, The Secret Life of Lobsters:
"When the lobsters come out of the Avure machine after a minute or two, the result is arresting. Every piece of meat can easily be extracted from the shell, raw and fully intact, including the leg muscles."
Once I get my tax return, Lenny P is heading your way with my Mondo Lobster Meat Sucking Machine. And a bucket of drawn butter.

Thanks to Hodg-man via BB.