Monday, March 12, 2007

Mystery Question 3-12-07

Hopefully this one will stump you brains in the audience:

You are in a room that is an 8x8x8 perfect cube. There are no windows, or doors (don't ask me how you got in there!) In the center of the floor there is a 12 inch pipe that is sticking 6 inches out of the floor. In the bottom of the pipe is a ping pong ball with a diameter that is one millimeter smaller than the inner diameter of the pipe. You have a 12 inch piece of string, a match, a magnifying glass, a 6" ruler and a paper clip. How do you get the ping pong ball out of the hole?

Clue: The answer may elicit groans from the group.

Last Week's Answer: There was no stumping some of you! The old password was : Out of date. The new one is: Different. He said: My password is "Out of date." And the boss told him the new one when he said: "The password is different."

You folks are too smart!