Friday, September 12, 2008

Good News for Viewers of the Live Tapings

For the past year or so, we have been trying to do a live Ustream show while we record the weekly podcast. For those of you who have been showing up for the live tapings, they have been a little empty, only because you get to watch me silently laugh to the callers and sound files we play each week. Part of me thought it made the process more interesting because you could download the show the next day and hear what we were laughing at. But really, it was kind of lame. And I readily admit my lameness.

The good news is that thanks to Mark at Tuesday Night Tech (formerly Mr. X of Mr. X and Just Julie), he was able to walk me through the process of adding the audio into the live feed. Not only that, but we can also take live Skype calls during the show. So be watching in the coming weeks as I play with this new technology and see how it either adds a new dimension to the show or totally screws it up.

Stay tuned.


Also, here's a little tip for listener/reader MDSF:

"It might be a good idea to suggest to people who call in that they do two things:

Use USB headphones with microphones
Log in to ustream

I called in using headphones, and I could hear you really clearly with no feedback. There may be feedback due to delay if people use their computer microphone and speakers. Also, once I logged in to ustream I was hearing ustream in my headphones, so there was no delay."

Good advice!