Monday, September 29, 2008

Rufus Amos Adams x2

Round 3 of the QuickStop Entertainment Song Fu Challenge went up over the weekend. The challenge? Write a song in the style of a country ballad with the name "The Ballad of Rufus Amos Adams". Both masters, Paul and Storm and The Rifftones came up with their own respective versions of the song and yes, both are earworms, which is good news for all music lovers.

Over the weekend, I created two new images for each song. A few notes about each. For the Rifftones version, I had a different mind's view of the image. I wanted it to be more cartoony. more fanboyish. As I started to draw, I felt it more appropriate to do a full on painted portrait of Rufus. Something struck me as funny about a total loser dork with his own painted image. So I decided to go more realistic in the end, and it stilll kept the original flair of what I was looking to accomplish.

Originally, I planned on drawing two images that complimented one another like I did for Round Two. But as I listened to Paul and Storm's song, I felt it was more fitting to match the mundane with the mundane. So I opted to do an ID card for their version of Rufus. Those who are familiar with my art know that I have done this once before for Coulton's song "Re: Your Brains." But not a lot of people had seen that image, so I thought I could do a little recycling.

Anyway, the songs are up and votable now. So go do your part and vote today!