Sunday, September 14, 2008

Song Fu Challenge 2 Images: Dance Crazes!

The new Song Fu challenges are up at QuickStop and also new images for the masters have been done by me -- with the exception of Jonathan Coulton's who is resting comfortably after welcoming a new addition to his family. Congratulations Jonathan!

The challenge this time around was to create a song based on a dance craze inspired by a famous inventors invention. Sound confusing? It was, sort of. But the challengers came out punching. The Rifftones offered up "Do The Ballpoint" and Paul and Storm served up a muppet-esque "Me Make Fire". These images are also different in the fact that they were deliberately designed to compliment one another. Probably not a big deal for most other people, but it's a neat thing for me. So that's what counts.

Go on over and give your vote to the most deserving.