Saturday, May 07, 2005

Jawbone #39: Bush, Paris, Trent and The Bots

This is one ACTION-PACKED show! We've decided to rename our shows with the show episode number, so for those of you who are keeping track of how many shows we're doing, now it's much easier. There's big news regarding the show, lots of listener contributions and a very special guest announcement at the end of the show. If you're a fan of MST3K, pay close attention.

Running Time: 49:33
New Intro honoring Indian culture.
Starting the show - Take Two.
Commentary on American Idol and Cleveland Idol Scotty "The Body" Savol.
We've been added to President Bush's iPod. Thanks to Chris at ThinkFuture for the heads up!
More making fun of Paris Hilton's VapidCast.
Nora does her version of Paris' show.
Dj Hojo's take on The Paris Hilton Podcast.
A call from Paris Hilton.
Pretty Little Nikki by James Donnelly.
Dressing as a banana and a gorilla for the big opening night of Return of The Sith.
Another wonderful message from Vinnie B.
Mashup: Toxic Trent by Nathan Chase.
Talking about NIN at the Empire in Cleveland.
An e-mail from Dave Winer.
Funny comment from Paul from The PK and J Show.
We announce our special guest for next week (this is HUGE news for Mistes everywhere. Hi-Keeba!).
The Greatest Frank of All.
End Song with abrupt end.

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  1. Francis (Frank, haha)5/07/2005 5:16 PM

    Hahaha! Damn right! Frank is best! ;) Luv the MST3K ref... straight out of Eden Prairie, Minnesota!

  2. Holy crap--just when I thought the Kabob episode of JBR was the king episode, along comes this one...once again, I find myself 3/4 of the way through the show and I was in tears with Nora's uncanny Paris Hilton impression--it's FREAKY--she sounds JUST like her! The "guy interviewing Paris Hilton" was also classic...Now, I get to return home from my dreary job tonight and listen to the rest of the show--excellent job, guys--I will have to put this into the coveted number 1 JBR spot for now...Sorry Kabob episode, you must step down.

    Hey, why am I not on President Bush's iPod? Is it because I voted for Barney the Dinosaur this past election? How the hell did they find out about that?

  3. Sorry, I'm back again---forgot to say Happy Mother's Day to her highness, Ms. Nora. And yes, you did carry this latest episode since Swingin' Len was goofing off most of the show....


  4. Paris Hilton is only famous because people are talking about her. STOP DOING IT. There is nothing worth talking about with her. But you have wasted most of your show talking about her. STOP DOING IT.

  5. Eh, we're done. We just had to get it out of our systems.

  6. Len and Nora,

    I cannot wait until the big Mike Nelson interview! How did you pull that off?


    This dance represents that there are no..baked...potatoes...after five.
    - from Ep. 513 "The Brain That Wouldn't Die"

  7. Hey Neil. Thanks for listening.

    Here was our big "in" to interview Mike. We sent him an e-mail and he said yes. Simple as that. :)

  8. W00T!!!! MST3000 totally rules! :D

  9. HOLY CRAP!!! I can't believe you got THE Mike Nelson to be on the show. I nearly drove off the road when I heard that! I'm really excited, and can't wait to hear that interview! congrats Len and Norah!

    hmmm...this is giving me ideas....

    *scurries into corner muttering to himself*