Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Soundseeing Around Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

We are all about educating our listeners at Jawbone, so we do a soundseeing tour from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. We get to hear some interesting sounds from birds and roaches, although most of the animals were upcooperative. Cest' la vie.

Running Time: 39:38
Introduction from the lobby of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Education Center.
An homage to Fr. Roderick from the Catholic Insider.
A trip to Australian Adventure.
Let's listen to the birds talk!
Hootie the barn owl.
Burger King commercial.
Listener voice mail.
Shiner Bock by Snap Floosie.
More listener voice mail.
Animal Girl by George Fryer.
Nora's little known animal facts.
Crows at a competing zoo.
End Song.

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