Saturday, May 28, 2005

Jawbone #44: It's Three in the Afternoon and I'm Naked

Nora isn't here, so I'm flying solo tonight. Take a trip down memory lane (or is it lame?) with us, as I play some old bits and promos from our college radio days. Fun promos, answering machine messages, Nora's first time in the production studio with me and much more.

Running Time: 46:46
The intro to our old late night show, Raw Nerve.
Hear the first commercial Nora and I ever worked on together. (I think Nora sounds really young) It's for a reggae show called the "Rasta Review".
The Chunky Puppers commercial.
BIT: "Do You Want Fries With That?"
BIT: "The Bobby Jazz Show Part 1"
BIT: "Cigaretts"
BIT: "The Bobby Jazz Show Part 2"
Bill Collins doesn't want you doing any more nude scenes.
The Bloody Irish Boys- Drunk Tonight
Go see Ghost World now. (Yes, it's an older film, but it's damn good.)
I am mesemerized by Indian movies.
End Song by D. Verada.

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  1. There were some great skits on this show. I'd love to hear some more on your future shows. Maybe a skypecast w/Bobby Jazz.

  2. did I detect a hint of Vinnie B. from Brooklyn in one of the callers on Late Night with Bobby Jazz?


  3. Nope. Not the same guy. Sounds like him, but it's not him.

  4. Great show! I miss the good old days just hanging out at the radio station and producing whatever we wanted......

    I have always laughed out loud during the "Side of the Beef Carver" sketch when Len comes back on "the box" and says "YEAH?!" It's just so garbled and weird sounding it makes me laugh!

    I have to dig up some of the old promos and stuff that we did during college.....great stuff! Can't imagine what we could do now with digital!

  5. I liked the bit "fies" Let me take my hand away from my mouth... Laugh out loud Funny

  6. Where can i hear the collage of wiener and curry, I stopped listening to curry a while back, but still want to hear the bit you talked about.