Monday, May 23, 2005

Jawbone #43: A Ground Floor Opportunity

Running Time: 47:04
Amway rant.
The J-Bone Files movie trailer.
Nora's new ghost book.
Check out the Portugese versions of David Bowie songs from "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou".
The Flory Dories "I Want You Back".
Len needs a haircut.
Applebee's new steak campaign.
The outdoor mall concept.
What movie are we going to fall asleep to tonight?

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  1. Guys, one of the most infuriating things that seems to happen all the time in my neck of the woods (Richmond, VA) is I'll be browsing magazines or something at Borders or B&N, and some dude will come up and pretend like he thinks we've met somewhere before, and then he'll start asking what I do, and then try to interest me in a "business opportunity". It took a couple times of me actually being talked into giving these bastards my phone number and then dodging their calls for six months before I learned to just politely act like a dick when they approach me, so they'll give up pretty quick. What I'd really like to do is say "I produce kiddie porn." when they ask me what I do, or just blurt out "Fuck off, queer!" (a la Repo Man) at the get-go. It's pretty harsh, but it's better than these disingenuous humps deserve.

    And really, the name of the company is so easily changed to "Scamway"...what were they thinking?

  2. Robert,

    Your comments are insightful. Have you considered using your skills in observing human behavior to help people AND make thousands of dollars, all from the privacy of your own home????

    Jawbone can help! Call today.


  3. I was invited to a bbq, to listen to some eone tell me about a "secret web site" with great deals on it. If I used their codes, the bbq host would get the cash. now if I joined for a Fee... I could get people to use my code to buy. Near the end of the conversation, i Mentioned Amazon deal and it was free, and the wb site was Not secret.

    Funny I have not been invited for any more BBQ. Coincedence, YES>

    6Week for a Hair cut? 2 weeks only because I am cheap. And No I do not need my back shaved at the same time.