Monday, May 02, 2005

Thanks For Listening To Our Schmodcast

Nora's sister, Joan, starts out this month of podcast goodness. We question the validity of Podshow, we comment on Paris Hilton's new House of Wax podcast and delve into our listener mail bag.

Running Time - 50:49
What is the future of podcasting? It sounds like it might be PodShow. Talking about Adam Curry's 2 hour strategy cast.
Adam Curry and Boku.
Calls from the Anti Adam Curry Line. (Remember, 206.666.2326)
Commentary on The Paris Hilton Podcast.
Audio Comment from Vinnie. B.
Corporate Whore by Shump
Jumping into the listener mail bag.
Props to Mr. X, Mac Philly and Hometown Tales.
Talking about Nora and Joan's Florida Trip.
End Song.

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  1. Great show as always--this one is going into my top 3 Jawbone episodes, that's for sure. Oh dammit, I spilled some chili on my Boku communications Polo shirt, I got to go...

  2. Guys, why all the hate? You guys sound like a bunch of bitches upset because you weren't invited to the party. Get over yourselves. Be successful on your own merits, if you can.

  3. Yikes. don't listen to the haters. You don't like AC, don't like him.

    Anyhoo, just wanted to say that you put on a great show, and I love hearing Norah's dry commentary on everything. The way Norah and Len work off each other is great.

    I have to say, when you called into the Mr. X and Just Julie show the other day, I was laughing so hard people were looking at me funny, and not just because I was wearing a sombrero in the office.

    Keep up the good work folks. You have my vote...whatever that means.

  4. so glad I heard your summary of the adam curry etc. news than listening to his version.

    ohio podcasters unite

  5. oops...there should be a 'rather' in there too. no i'm not drunk.

  6. I love anony. posters especially ones that could start a dialog on why people feel the way they do.

    My question regarding the podshow thing, is WHat buisnes has AC succeeded at? Cant think of one. He did start a company and sellit for a BIG profit, but hell at that time everything was over inflated. (Nope still cant think of one buisness) AC doesnt mind going broke or closing the doors on a buisness. He is a buisness man, he understands the risk. I worry about D&D who are just some folk in their attic/basement/bedroom willing to follow AC into the corporate world.

    The Paris Hilton podcast just proves the point: commercializm suck the life out of anything cool.

    I am enjoying your show, can you get me MrX full name???

  7. I think our anonymous poster missed the point. Let me spell it out slowly so that he can absorb it:

    I don't care about Adam Curry or anything he does. I have no passion one way or another. Anyone listening to the show that we recorded would have heard us basically say that his new venture is totally irrelevant to us and to most of humanity. I even wished the guy luck in whatever it was he was doing.

    But thanks for listening.

  8. Adam's approach is troubling. He's looking to cash out on the hard work of a lot of other people. And Podcast Alley sucks. I never send any of my listeners there to vote. Why spend one iota of effort to help someone else sell advertistments for crap like the Paris Hilton podcrap?