Thursday, July 28, 2005

Destroy All Hairdos

This one was fun. I wanted to merge the 50s and the 70s into one Monster Art Drawing (hereby known as MAD for short). I think I did it, although I'm still not happy with the alien. Tom Bagley draws much cooler aliens than I do.

Interesting news...some of the podcaster art and other art that you've been seeing on this site and on our Flickr site will be shown at an art gallery next month! We'll keep you posted on what's happening with that as information comes available.

BTW, I just uploaded the black and white version of this drawing...I kinda dig it more than the color version, actually.


  1. A show of your artwork? Mega-sweet. Sign me up for attending.

  2. The black-and-white does rock. I think the grey scale on the robot arms shows up much better in the b&w. Totally cool.