Sunday, July 24, 2005

That 70's Chick

A quick study in color and design, inspired by something I saw in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory this weekend. I really just wanted to draw the background and I needed a subject for the foreground. I drew the girl in another monster drawing that I haven't colored yet and I thought she looked cool and needed her own drawing. For those of who you are keeping score, the girl's costume inspired by a terrible film from MST3K called Angel's Revenge.


  1. OK, after seeing the recent illustrations, I think there's a story hiding there. Maybe two.

    First story: Frankenberry comes home to his castle to find his lovely wife missing and blood (berry juice for the squeamish) on the ground outside. He falls to his knees in agony. His wife was brutally kidnapped by Count Chocula, who is interrupted by a vampire hunter mere moments before finishing her off. He flees into the night. Once she recovers, Mrs. Berry vows revenge on the Count and dons her own vampire-hunting getup for the chase.

    The second story is in reverse time order and involves twin sisters and many Tarantino-like shenanigans. Probably best left alone. ;D

  2. Sounds like this could make some good fiction. I encourage fan fiction. :)