Thursday, July 28, 2005

I Heard it On A Podcast

Got this link from fellow Podcast Outlaw, Brian Pipa. It should be the national anthem for podcasting. The song is called "On A Podcast" by a band called Cruisebox. Simply awesome.

After I hear the song, I shoot an e-mail to the band, suggesting to them that they create a "radio edit" of the song. Ridiculous notion, I know, since that's the whole idea of the song. No FCC, no rules. Say anything you want...yadda yadda yadda. Well, when I get an e-mail back, I find out that we, meaning Jawbone, were partly responsible for inspiring the song!

Here's an excerpt from the band's blog:

"This music weblog (mlog?) is our way of saying “thanks” to the grassroots pioneers of podcasting. To everyone who said: “Screw Clear Channel…screw the FCC…let’s fuckin’ kick it.” To the thousands of incredibly cool, talented and entertaining “as-yet-podcasting-unknowns.” To the big names of the podosphere like Dawn and Drew and Keith and the girl and Len and Nora and Brian and C.C. and Corby and on and on. And, of course, to Adam Curry."

Wow. We're blown away. To be mentioned such company really means a lot. And it's an inspiration to us too. So, go and download the song now. It rocks and it sums up a lot about how we feel about this podcasting revolution.

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