Friday, March 31, 2006

More Weird Japanese Crap

Ah yes. Hinoi Team is back this time with their new song, Sticky Tricky Bang Bang. If you go their site, you can see profiles on the girls including their blood type.

Thanks to Superfan Julie for the link.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Long Lost Collectible Bigfoot Crap

Blogger Bubblegum Fink shows off some pretty cool collectible Bigfoot crap at his website. Check it out here. Ah, the memories.

Thanks to BB for the link.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Photo Set of Love Letter from 1970

From the Pretty Cool Stuff Found In Drawers Dept.: E-Hobo programmer, Dan C., has posted some photos of a love letter from 1970 that he found in an armoire that his parents bought at an auction. Neat stuff.
Check out the full photo set here.

ON EDIT: Dan tells me that actually, it was his wife Julie who found the note. Also, the note was postmarked and actually sent. Some fact checking would do me well.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Bald Influence Continues

I found this rather amusing. This comes from one of our Superfans, Pete:
Hi Len, I'm "glasserpt", the guy who left comments on your blog about "I'll shave my head if you shave yours". Well, I kept my end of the bargain, and on Fri. the 17th I shaved my head down to the skin. I've attached my before & after pics. I'm gonna try to stay bald at least through May to see what the warmer months are like without hair (we live in Jefferson, WI and the average temp. has been in the mid 30's...brrrr).

At first I thought it was a really good Photoshop job, but he actually did cut off all his hair! You can see Pete before and after. I don't have the heart to tell Pete that those pics weren't really of me, but of a very close look-alike to me. Ah well, I think you look great Pete!

Spiderman 3 Comes to Cleveland

This is a podcast waiting to happen:
Watch out for Spider-Man on the city's trademark Terminal Tower skyscraper. "Spider-Man 3," starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, will shoot exterior scenes next month, the Greater Cleveland Film Commission announced Wednesday. Cleveland won out over New York City, where it's more expensive to shut down streets.
I want to walk into the scene eating a Krispy Kreme. I wonder if they will have me? See the full story here.

Thanks to many for this link, especially non-Spiderman villian Mr. X.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

EW Rips off Rob Ullman

Fellow cartoonist and friend of the show, Rob Ullman, claims that Hollywood rag, Entertainment Weekly, ripped off a rendering he did depicting Spin Doctor Bill O'Reilly as Rock Em Sock Em Robots. Coincidence? We think not! Take em down, Rob!

Check it out and compare for yourself here.

Cleveland Takes Notice of Podcasting

I found out this morning that Nora and I were mentioned in an article in todays Plain Dealer business section. Looks like (finally) others in the Cleveland area are stepping into the podcasting game. PD Biz Reporter, John Kroll, has started podcasting as of a few weeks ago. Luckily, we have a pretty good headstart on John and the rest of pack. :)

You can check out the short reference to us here. Thanks to Joan for the heads up.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Another Rousing Round of Caption This

Go for it, gang. BTW, if you're interested, you can see more here.

Always Be Prepared...

Yes, I know this toilet snorkel is pretty foul. That's not what I'm preparing you for. This is what I'm preparing you for. Thanks to Neil (our fat guy in the basement) for the link.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Jawbone #104: What the hell is it now, Johnson?!

Just in time for the weekend, and coming off the heels of what Nora and I feel might be our best show ever, we bring you yet another fresh and exciting Jawbone Radio!

Tonight, our guest is Scott Peterson -- er, Scott Johnson, the host of ExtraLife Radio. We chat about him possibly being the hardest working man in podcasting, about his incredible collection of upcoming projects Plus -- we talk about our very first hate mail claiming that Nora is a racist. Come on in and join the fun!


ExtraLife Radio
Paris Bennett/Gary Coleman Connection
Voice mail from Chad from Me and the Bean
Thing A Week

Brother Love | Summertime

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Sorry about the whole "suckas" thing lately. I don't know what is possessing me. Here's a little video to get you going for the weekend. Why do I love stuff like this? I have no idea. Have at it, gang!

UPDATE: Thanks to Scott Johnson and the crew at ELR for getting me into this in the first place, but also showing me this new version. NIGHT OF FIRE!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The 700 Hoboes Have A New Shelter

By now, everyone knows about my involvement with the 700 Hoboes Project. It's been a crazy ride, from my first hobo drawing to the debacle last fall at Flickr. Well, I am very pleased to announce the opening of You'll be able to see all of the drawings of the hoboes, sort them through a master list and get all the latest updates on them. It's really quite amazing. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Dan Coulter, Adam Koford, Ben Rollman, Eric Vespoor, M.R Peterson and the dozens of artists who have contributed to the 700 Hoboes Project so far. As we move on, things are going to get very cool. And maybe even a Hobo Art Show is in the works. Stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, you can check out the site here.

UPDATE: Go and Digg it!

Caption This, Suckas!

Yes, folks. It's that time again. Time to caption a weird photo. Have at it!

New Bigfoot Footage?

Looks like a bear to me...but what do I know?

ON EDIT: It looks like the video has been removed by the user. I smell a conspiracy here.

#391: Forktongue Nigel Fork

A hobo for a lazy Thursday. I am tired of working right now, so I am goofing off drawing hoboes. Damn the law!

MMO's getting out of hand

I like MMO's. But I think this is taking it a bit far, IMHO. Players who misbehave in the new onlne game will be publically "crucified" within the game.
The first crucifixion is being doled out to "Cynewulf," played by a 27 year-old electrical engineer from Flint, Michigan, whose crime is "ganking" (ripping off) new players as they first appear in game. Cynewulf will be hung on the cross for seven days.

Simply insane. See the full story here. Thanks to BB for the link.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Jawbone #103: Hello Martha...Bertha...Eartha

Tonight, we have no show notes, no bits and we simply wing it for the entire show. We cover everything from my bald head, to robots to ramen noodles to evil spirits. There's a little bit of everything for you in this show, so go ahead and dig in!

Aging Japan Builds Robot To Look After Elderly
Wife Swap
Give us A review at Yahoo Podcasts
A Haunting
I Shouldn't Be Alive

David Stevenson | Skullcrusher Mountain (Originally by Jonathan Coulton)

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MORE By Mark Osborne

I love short animated films and this one totally rocks. Check it out.
The Academy-Award® nominated animated short-film tells the story of a lonely inventor, whose colorless existence is brightened only by dreams of the carefree bliss of his youth. By day, he is trapped in a dehumanizing job in a joyless world. But by night, he tinkers away on a visionary invention, desperate to translate his inspiration into something meaningful.

Watch it here. Dark and compelling for your Monday. Thanks to Monica for the link!

"Lots of Money Being Thrown Into Podcasting" Len Says

I'm quoted in this week's Crain's Cleveland Business, for a story on podcasting. You'll have to register to read the full article, but here's my bit at least:
Lakewood podcaster Len Peralta, who runs Jawbone Radio, a year-old entertainment podcast, with his wife Nora, worked on the duct tape podcasts. He said it initially was strange producing a corporate-backed podcast, but since then, clients of his own marketing agency, Nobbynees Ltd., have shown more interest in the arena.

“There are just a lot more inquiries about it,” he said. “What I was trying to explain to clients back then is that podcasting is more than just entertainment.” Mr. Peralta isn’t surprised. Podcasting’s similarities to radio and television, he said, make it an easier concept to explain to clients than other online mediums, such as blogs.

“You’re going to see a lot of money thrown into podcasting, I think,” Mr. Peralta said.

Woo hoo! Money! Bring it on. Read the full article here.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

More Furry Lobster News

I keep getting more lobster information floating across my desk, making me crave it even more. This one was worthy of mention. Can't wait for the furry lobster to end up on your dinner table? Sew your own! That's right. An inventive crafter has created their very own furry lobster plush toy.

Thanks to Steve from The Extra Points Podcast.

Friday, March 17, 2006

The Pickle Is Reborn

From the "Toot My Own Horn" Dept: The Podcast Pickle has just released Pickle Version 2.0 today and it's sporting a new Jawbone-design! Check it out and make sure to become a member over there and of course, add Jawbone to your faves.

Jawbone Artwork Making Rounds Across US

Here's something kind of cool. Some of my podcast art is popping up in articles all over this fine land. In this article about fellow Podcast Outlaw, Redboy and Absolute Amy, there's a sidebar showcasing some other Midwestern casts. It's always good to see the art in different places. But what's funny I had no idea that The Bored Again Christian, is really Just Pete from Illinoise. Who knew?

See the article here.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Those Stupid American Idol/Ford Videos

You know, one day, many years from now, there will be a restrospective probably on VH1 or VH23 that will show each and every one of the lousy Ford videos from American Idol. And we will LAUGH and LAUGH at how freaking moronic they were. You'll see an old, grey Clay Aiken or wrinkled Fantasia talking about how stupid they felt doing these dumbass ads. Last night's ad I was the worst I think. At some point. Season 5 Glory Boy Ace Young appears dressed up as what looks to be a cross between a hirsute leprechaun or a midget bigfoot. Why?! Why do we subject ourselves to this pain?!

See the latest abomination here.

My favorite Hobo thus far

#632: His Excellency Nooney Sockjelly

Hoboes Get A New Home

There's been some discussion at the 700 Hobo Flickr group of giving the hoboes a new cardbox box to play in. So that's what some of us are doing. Dan Coulter, a Hobo fan has registered the site, Right now, it redirects to the Flickr site, but soon it will be its own site. The Hoboes are not leaving Flickr entirely, though. Apparently, it will pull info from the Flickr site and propagate the main site. I don't know how it works, but it should be pretty cool. Check out my initial design for the site. Let me know what you think.

Beating Level 60 on WoW

Hehe...this blog is turning into a mini TV station with all these videos. But I thought this one was pretty funny. Here's a kid who beat level 60 in WoW. Guess he's pretty much ready for the expansion pack coming out this summer. I've stalled at 41 since I have limited time to play these days. I got this really cool shield drop the other night but I can't use it since I need to be level 43. Somehow I think once I hit 43, I might act like this kid did. Check it out. Thanks to Chad for the link!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

If Microsoft Had Designed the Ipod

Brilliant. Thanks to Adrants for the link. And it looks like Microsoft is behind it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Juggling Wars

In response to the Chris Bliss video, another juggler calls him out:
As a juggler, I (and most of my juggling friends) are pretty annoyed by the fact that everyone and their mother (literally) is forwarding us this video and talking about how great the guy is.

So my friend Jason copied his routine, trick for trick. Only Jason does it with 5 balls. Yep. Five.

Watch the video, and understand: THIS is great juggling. That Bliss guy may put on a good act, but he is not a good juggler. There is a huge difference.

Who can resist a good juggler fight? See the video here:

Jawbone #102: An Evening with Olga and Jimbo

On tonight's episode, Jawbone travels to Memphis to meet up with Blues Music's First Couple, Olga and Jim "Jimbo" Mathus. Olga is a soulful, blues performer from the Deep South. She happens to be married to Jimbo, a talented artist who was the former frontman, writer and founder of the legendary band Squirrel Nut Zippers. We talk about Olga's music, her album "Now Is The Time" and Jimbo's history with the Zippers. Break out the sweet tea, pull up a rocking chair and come and enjoy some good old fashioned delta blues.

Olga's Site
Jimbo's Site
Squirrel Nut Zippers
Video for The Ghost of Stephen Foster
Taylor Hicks
Jessie Mae Hemphill Foundation

What's the Matter With The Mill?
Asked My Captain
Loving Arms
Remind Me Who I'm Talking To

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Monday, March 13, 2006


I have no idea what this means. Just click it.

Thanks to JC for the link.

More Weird Lobster News

Is everyone trying to kill me or something? People must know I love lobsters, and I must have a reputation for feasting on their tasty flesh, but even this is too much for me. First the furry lobster, now a giant one. Todd Walsh, the man who caught the enormous crustacean, had this to say:
"I have caught the biggest lobster I have caught in 20 years. I've only got little hands but it's very hard to pick him up with one hand, put it that way."

Read the story here. Thanks to Laura (again) for the tasty tidbit.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Well, I'm doing it...

I am shaving my head today. I made the appointment for 5:30. Hopefully, I will have pictures up later. Wish me luck.

ON EDIT: Well, the deed is done. You can see the photos of the event here.

Friday, March 10, 2006

More Hoboes For A Friday Night

#577: Jonathan Crouton

I am driven to draw more Hoboes. Those of you who are devoted listeners of the show will recognize this as Mr. Jonathan Coulton. This hoboes name is instead Jonathan Crouton. I had to draw this hobo before anyone else grabbed him to draw. I felt I owed it to him for being on the show and giving my family hours or entertaining music. Notice the furry lobster made it into the background. How topical.

#450: My E-Hobo.Com

#450: My
I started doing more hobo drawings from AoME last night. The next few coming up are very cool. So keep your eyes open for them. In the meantime, enjoy #450: My

For A Chosen Few...

Those of you who will get this joke, will really get this joke. Even if you don't get it, it's a great banner for Drakes!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Creepy Talking Heads For Your Website

I was doing a websearch for the day job and I came across a banner ad for this site. According to the site, you can add these animated talking heads to your web page to "enrich the user experience and increase sales."


You can go here and play with creating a sample creepy talking head. I'm thinking of adding this to this site to enrich the user experience. I'm also seeing if maybe if I have to do another solocast, I can use one of these heads to replace Nora.

Extreme Juggling

Well, worth the watch.
"At first, Chris Bliss looks like some ordinary guy playing with his balls. Then, you notice he's keeping time with the music. Then you notice he's actually choreographed the entire routine to the music."

Thanks to DJ Hojo for the link!

Jawbone #101: A New Hope

It is a period of Civil War. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the Evil Galactic Empire...wait, wrong intro. It's show 101. We have author John Hodgman on once again for a palindromic show. We talk Lou Diamond Phillips, Johnny Cash and more.


Thanks to John Hodgman, joining us for a palindromic show
Don't forget to take our Podtrac survey
Pickwick and Frolic
Walk the Line
Joaquin and Reese
Hee Haw
Sixteen Candles
The Outsiders
The Breakfast Club
Knightwise and his poems
Jeremiah Hull

Squirrel Nut Zippers | Suits Are Picking Up The Bill (Thanks to Olga and Jimbo!)

Jonathan Coulton | Take Care of Me

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Get Some Drawn Butter!

Check this out. I had read a few years ago about how lobsters were possibly going extinct due to the huge demand for their tasty flesh. Well, no one was sadder than I, a self-proclaimed lobster aficianado. In fact, I talked to my sisters about buying a lobster farm. (No joke.) Well, worry no longer. Scientists have found a new species of furry lobster. I wonder how long before this new species makes it to Lobsterfest?

Dig in! Thanks to Laura for the link.

Come to Malaysia! See Our Bigfoot!

Apparently, no one is interested in seeing The Proud Bigfeet of Malaysia.
"The Malaysian Forestry Department says there are no takers for permits on offers to explore a protected forest for the mythical creature, despite initial excitement over reported sightings of the beast. Tourism officials said they planned to use the interest in Bigfoot to draw tourists to Malaysia."

Check out the story here. Thanks to Tim for the link.

WOW: The Text Adventure

This might be a good measure of geekiness, but if you get this article, you might be a geek. Check it out. Pretty funny stuff.

Thanks to Les for the link.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

No, Yanni! NOOOOO!

Yanni is busted for domestic abuse.
MARCH 7--Yanni, the New Age musician, is facing domestic abuse charges after allegedly tussling with his girlfriend last week in the couple's Florida home.

Read the whole story here.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Official Trypod Press Release

Here's the Official Press Release on The Trypod Network. If you get a chance, give it a Digg. Thanks!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Live Action Simpsons

It's tough to tell from this screen capture, but this is one wicked cool video. A live action version of the opening credits to The Simpsons. It's obviously British, but I'll forgive that. (To all our readers from the UK, that was a joke.) Thanks to Jim for the link!

Paris Bennett of American Idol...Really Gary Coleman?

So, we were watching American Idol the other day when Neil, our resident fat guy in the basement, noticed that American idol hopeful and possibly finalist, Paris Bennett, looks a lot like Different Strokes star, Gary Coleman.

Now, before we get tons of angry comments from American Idol fans, (see this debacle from last season comparing Scott Savol to Tor Johnson) let me just say...we like Paris Bennett. As a matter of fact, if I were to put any money on the two finalists for the show, Nora and I would put our money on either Paris or rocker Chris (who reminds us of the lead singer of Live) to win it all.

But you cannot deny that there is a remarkable resemblance between the two. And hey, we've never seen them in the same place at the same time...hmmm. Maybe we're onto something here.


Thursday, March 02, 2006

Jawbone #100: A Chapter Ends

This is it. The show you've been waiting for. All questions will be answered and everything, finally, will, be, revealed.

But first, these messages...

RUNNING TIME: 1 hour 5 min

Thanks to Everyone who contributed to show 100:

Charley of Israelisms
Brian of Coverville
Bryan and Gene of Hometown Tales
Scott Johnson of ExtraLife Radio
Bill from the Box of Sound
DJ Hojo
The American Restauranteurs Association
Daryl from The Poddog Show
Shelly of Shelly's Podcast
Redboy of the Redboy Podcast
Les of Zaldor's World
Danni, Lynn and Neil of Borderline
Aaron and Jenny from The Big Show
The Podcast Outlaws
Adam from Madtown Aces
Matt from The Metal Show
Dave Devries
Myrna Lou Goldbaum
Todd Lerner

And everyone who has written, called in and listened for the past 100 shows.

Now, check out what this announcement about the show is all about...

Oh, and be sure you check out The Jawbone Sessions on Flickr.

The Postal Service |Such Great Heights (thank you Subpop for the go ahead)

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Today's the Day. Tonight's The Night.

Tonight, with any luck, Nora and I will record show 100. And everyone will find out what the definitive plans are for the future of this show. I thought it would be fun to open it up to blog readers and podcast listeners to hear what you think the big announcement will be. Any thoughts?