Thursday, June 30, 2005

Podcast Awards and The Portable Media Expo

Nora and I are seriously thinking of attending the Portable Media Expo in California come this fall. We're sort of making it an anniversary present to ourselves. So barring any major disasters, Jawbone will be respresentin' in the hizzouse!

Also, they are having the First Annual Podcast Awards. While I am not one to judge awards as a measure of greatness, it would be pretty cool to get one. So please, feel free to nominate us, most likely in the General category. Today is the last day! So go, NOW!

The 411 on Jawbone

Our interview with fellow Podcast Outlaw member, Rob, from Podcast 411 is up! Thanks for interviewing us, Rob. Yee-haw!

Jawbone #54: The Honest Show

Nora is back! Listener e-mails, tons of listener voice mails, we talk about the new version of iTunes, Gene from Hometown Tales had a dream about us, Elvis calls in, as does Vinnie B's wife. Redboy bought us the jawboneradio domain! We're looking for information about a band out of Philly called Like Lions.. Nora and I talk finances, and then the show takes a sharp turn, as Nora becomes fairly introspective about life and mortality. This is probably our most real and honest show yet. Beware at the end of the show, there is a bit of silence because I forgot to stop recording. Sorry folks.

Running Time: 57:40
Music: The Gemini Program | Loser

The Cleveland Sports Blog
Box of Sound
Dj Hojo

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Another Late Night Appearance

I sound like I'm in a box for the appearance, but it's worth the listen. Check out the skype call with Mr. X and Just Julie recorded as I colorized some of the podcaster drawings. We talk about giving birth in tubs, retreating boys and special goggles.

More Podcasting Drawings

In honor of the release of iTunes 4.9, here are some of the latest images of podcasters.

For my friend Brian at Coverville, here's one of Brian at Coverville:

Former listener, now power podcaster, Aaron from The Big Show:

Another corncaster, Redboy and his co-host/wife, Namey: (BTW, they purchased the domain for us! So type that in and you can still find our show. Redboy Rocks!)

And finally, John Travolta-- er, I mean, Chris from The Martini Shot:

I'm thinking of using my Flickr account to upload all these images in one place. Why didn't I think of doing that sooner? Stupid me.

Monday, June 27, 2005

I'm Doing Whatever I Feel Like Doing..GOSH!

I've been doing a lot of drawing for others lately, so I decided to do something for myself:

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Katamari Koolness

Came across this while surfing Boing Boing. If you didn't know, the theme from our show is from the Japanese video game, Katamari Damacy. And here's a link to a couple of fans who are dressed up as the characters from the game.

Wicked cool.

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Jawbone #53: A Good Old Fashioned Crap Rant

I've been up since five in the morning. I'm dead tired. Nora is out of town. So I decide to do a podcast to describe my ultra-long surreal day, which includes a Dan Klass-esque rant about my youngest son and a potty-training nightmare. Also, more about CC Chapman and Mr. X.

Running Time: 40:57
Music: Augean Stables | Citronella
Your Name In Lights | Kill the Ghost

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Humbled, Yet Again

So I posted today that I am pretty much done with my podcaster drawings, burned out and pretty fried overall, both personally and professionally, when I get an e-mail from Accident Hash's C.C. Chapman linking to this post of today's podcast. Apparently, CC has opened his own Accident Hash shop. And for every shirt sold, he's giving some of the markup to me.

Wow. Insane.

Once again, I am floored. Totally. He certainly didn't have to do that, but it was very kind of him. CC symbolizes the kind of community podcasting is. People helping each other out when they can. I am humbled. Yet again...

Now get out there and buy some Hash shirts! :)

BTW, CC mentioned I did a couple of drawings for him. I was having a hell of a time trying to capture him in a cool drawing. And I ended up doing a few, (not at his request, mind you, but because of my own personal perfection barometer).

Here is the first one. He said he looked too mean. And I agree. As I was drawing it, I thought "Damn, he looks mean." And that's not what CC's personality is:

So I went ahead and did this one:

A lot closer, even though I probably would have done one more, since I'm still not happy with it.

Hometown Tales Drawings

Was able to work on just a few more drawings this week. But real-life is getting in the way over here. So my production is slowing down considerably. However, I wanted to do a cartoon of two of my favorite New Jersey podcasters, Bryan and Gene from Hometown Tales:

There is something very Don Knotts/Tim Conway about this drawing. Anyone remember the movie The Private Eyes? I saw that when I was a kid and was totally enamored as the Knotts/Conway team tracked the elusive Wooklar. Obscure I know...but this sketch reminded me of that movie. I hope I did justice to how cool Hometown Tales is. I know they aren't exclusively bigfoots, aliens and ghosts...but I just couldn't resist.

They had also asked for a classic illustration of Bigfoot for one of their upcoming shows, so I just had to take them up on the offer.

I actually did a second drawing of Bigfoot, but he looked too metrosexual. His hair was combed and well-coiffed. I thought he looked pretty good, until Nora said I should draw him more orangutan-like. Then, the fat guy in our basement, Neil, drew a quick sketch of Bigfoot and that seemed to work better. So I refined the drawing and went from there.

Ok, now for the bad news...

I believe this project may be coming to an end. I am perfectionist when it comes to my artwork and I simply cannot spend the time that I'd like to spend on these drawings. I never expected the response I got from them, both from podcasters and listeners, and I am truly appreciative of all of kind comments and praise my illustration work has been given over the past few weeks. I think I tend to de-value my skills because I've always been able to draw. So to hear postive things about the sketches has been incredibily humbling and therapuetic all at once. I cannot thank you all enough.

I am still going to be selling these shirts at the Podcaster Art store. So if you were a podcaster I did a drawing for and don't mind me putting your show up there, be looking for your design in the coming weeks.

If you were waiting for a sketch from me, the wait will probably be longer than I originally anticipated. Please keep in mind that the illustration services are a part of what I do for a living, so paying clients would have to come first. I have a nice big fat list of requests, and I do plan on working my way through them eventually. So if you don't mind the wait( dot dot dot).

However, if you would like to commission me for my illustration services, that is always an option. Send me an e-mail and I can let you know what the cost of a request will be. I try to be fair with my all my clients. But just keep in mind, this talent helps feeds our five kids. Nuff said.

I hope I'm not upsetting anyone by backing out on this project, since I did ask for requests. I guess I wasn't prepared for people actually liking what I was doing.

Ok! Now back to the show...(there is a show associated with all these drawings, remember?)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Posting in Between Drawing Cramps

I think it was Casey Kasem who said, "the requests keep coming in and I keep counting them down." And that's exactly what we're doing here. I have to say, this has been an interesting project so far. What I find the most intriguing is the varied responses I am getting from the different podcasters I am sketching. It's everything from wild enthusiasm to total indifference. I find the latter reaction sort of odd, since I think there is a larger importance to these drawings. Not to get too deep, but I think it's cool that I am capturing people at a point in their lives when they are doing something groundbreaking with this new form of communication. In some ways, there is a bit of faux celebrity going on with these drawings. Since the technology is moving so fast, this fame is fleeting. In any event, this project is allowing me to draw more, something that I have really missed over the past few years.

Anywho, onto today's installments in the podcaster art gallery:

I think Keith from Keith and the Girl likes this picture. Or he might hate it. I only was able to find one picture of Keith, and it was a tough one to work from. Either way, I had a lot of fun drawing them. I wanted to do something more photographic, a la Annie Liebowitz for them and their show. I hope I succeeded, because I really like this one a lot. Even if I did make Keith look like Pete Rose.

This is a request from a 16 year old kid who is doing a podcast about lions. Red Lions in particular. I think. What is odd about this request was that minutes after I sent him the pic, he told me to stop drawing because his older brother was going to draw him a lion instead. Mmkay. After seeing the drawing, he admitted that what I drew is cooler than anything his brother would have done.

Indiekid from the Spotlight podcast asked for probably the most difficult drawing to date. Tall buildings. An iPod Photo displaying his sig. And a ClearChannel Sign that was being overtaken by the logo. Phew. Brian Ibbot had sent me over a link to some interesting celebrity caricatures, and I really dug her mashup, collage style, so I decided to incorporate it into my work.

I've got some very difficult, but cool, drawings coming up. So keep your eyes peeled.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Jawbone #52: Drawbone

There's been a lot of interest generated from the drawings coming from this show. "How are you drawing these? What techniques are you using? What are you doing in our house?" So, on tonight's episode, Nora and I do a live drawing demonstration and take you through the process of sketching one of these podcaster drawings. Thanks to Patrick from NLO for the show name and Mr. X for giving me the whole show idea.

BTW, this is what Nora's drawing ended up looking like:

And here is my drawing:

We're giving Rob a choice as to which one he wants. I am rooting for Nora's.

Running Time: 43:11

Music: The Pocket Devils | Cartoon World
My Wacom Tablet.
Adi Granov Art Tutorial
Message from Nancy from Lakewood.

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Sketches for A Monday Morning

Took most of this weekend off, but I was able to work a few drawing requests. First off, Melinda from the MarilynCast.

What cracks me up about this request is that Melinda told me that, while she loves the drawing, she feels I drew her too thin. What are the chances of that happening? Very funny. I think you look great, Melinda. :)

Here is Rev. Tim from the Godcast Network:

Another request for Firehouse FM podcast. I love the way this one is looking like a cover to a comic book.

And finally, in honor of Coverville's 100th show, here is my "art cover" of Brian:

Lots to color. So little time. Keep watching for more.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Jawbone #51: Baseball, Fireworks and Dad

Nora is home sick with our youngest, so my brother-in-law, Mike joins me as we podcast from Jacobs's Field in Cleveland. We face the Arizona Diamondbacks and we beat them, too! (Sorry Aaron in QC). Listen in as I pretend I know what I'm talking about when it comes to baseball, I try to do my best play-by-play and we sing the praises of Tribe shortstop, Jhonny Peralta. It's good old-fashioned American fun, with fireworks to boot! Don't miss music by Stereo Apollo.

Running Time: 31:09

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Friday, June 17, 2005

CC Chapman is a Happy Man

Accident Hash's CC Chapman sent me along this photo of himself wearing one of the Jawbone Summer Collection of T-shirts.

He said the detail on them is can even see the pencil lines from my orginal drawing. If you're a Extra Super Action Show fan, pick up a Tee before they are gone on Sunday night! Different podcasters and design will be featured at the store in the coming weeks. So be sure to get your faves!

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The Stark Wonder Of It All

For those who are keeping score, here are two more drawings.

The Pat portion of This and That with Jeff and Pat asked for an avatar for the Podcast Alley forums. She also asked for me to give her large breasts. Now, I wanted to fulfill her request, without being creepy (is that possible?) so I drew her in the only was I knew Wonder Woman. Now come to think of it, I should have drawn her as She-Hulk:

Jim from the StarkCast posed an interesting problem. The photo he offered was not only small, but showed mostly his shoes:

As you can see, not much to go on. However, I really like the name of his podcast, so I decided to take the name and make a sort of film-noir black and white drawing. I think this may be one of my favorites thus far. I love black and white, so this was a nice departure from the colorful stuff I had been doing. I hope he likes it.

Believe it or not, this blog does have a podcast associated with it. We will be recording one soon, with any luck. So stay tuned for it.

Clone Trooper Orchestra

A fun Lego animation of Darth Vader leading a Clone Trooper Army. Great stuff.

Mr X. Revealed!

I spent way too long on this. But I figured I owed Mr. X something for plugging the hell out of these drawings on his site and show. So here goes... my take on the Mayor of Podcasting and his lovely wife, Just Julie.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Geeks, Nerds and Star Wars Fans

Didn't have lot of time to draw today, but I was able to crank out these two new drawings. The first one is for Erik of the RandomChatter podcast. He does movie reviews and also does a podcast for TheForce.Net. So I just had to do a little Star Wars homage for him, right? I also wanted to give him something that looked like Harry Knowles from Ain't It Cool News, but cooler:

The next one is one that almost fell through the cracks. It was for a new podcast called Geek 4 x4. I don't like drawing cars. I can't draw them well. That's why the 4 x 4 looks like a regular car. But I did have fun drawing the geek though. Something about this drawing reminds me of a kids book, too.

More to come!

Now Accepting Donations For Artwork

Right, then. I went ahead and set up a donation page for PayPal. If you would like to donate any money for artwork or to make a payment, use this handy-dandy PayPal button at the right. Once again thanks everyone for all your interest. Now back to work!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sketches Galore!

Ok, now we're getting pretty serious with these so-called "podcaster drawings". First off, for Jayson from the Catholic Cast, here is Pope Benedict XVI:

And for my friends from The Metal Show, Fellow Clevelanders, Matt and Chris, here is a killer portrait of them.

I've been getting a lot of requests from people interested in a cartoon or some artwork. Please be aware that I have been swamped with requests since last week and I am slowly working my way through them all. If you have sent me a request, I will draw it as soon as I can. More keep coming in everyday, so please be patient with me. I'm trying to work from home (my full-time gig) and also do the illustrations when I get a second. Also, I will have a fully operational Paypal Account soon. So if you'd like to hire me for a job, (I do more than illustrations) or even donate something for my free services, please feel free.

Thanks for all of your interest!

Jawbone #50: Attack of The Monster Engine

Tonight, we talk to incredibly cool artist/painter Dave Devries about his project The Monster Engine.There are some great tips for up and coming artists and how to break into comic book art. Very, very cool interview. Find out why his site has gotten over 11 million hits in the first week.

Running Time: 45:18
Interview with Dave Devries.
How do you start drawing for Marvel?
Bill Sienkiewicz.
Simon Bisley.
Negative e-mails about his work.
In video games and comic books, you cannot draw an ugly looking woman.
How the interview process goes with the kids.
Inspiration to draw more.
Monster by King Thursday via Garageband.
Thanks to Hometown Tales for the DVD and the book!
Summer reading.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Two of Our Personal Faves

I've been buried under cartooning requests, but I was able to work up these cartoons of two of our faves from the podcasting/vlogging world. Amanada Congdon from Rocketboom:

Because of the listener comment that said the cartoon looked nothing like Amanda, I went ahead and did a second one. Both Amanda and I agree dthat it looks nothing like her as well. And when you have a very discriminating audience as she does over at Rocketboom, you have to aim to please. So here is take 2:

I think this looks closer to her and matches her personality.

And self-proclaimed Jawbone fan, Eric Rice:

More coming! I promise. Plus a new podcast tonight. Things are good. :)

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Monday, June 13, 2005

The Metal Show's Interview with Alan Jorgenson

We talked about this on tonight's show and here it is. Matt Wardlaw's interview with Alan Jorgenson from Ministry. For those who remember the Wax Trax days, you should get a kick out of this interview.

Jawbone #49: He Looks A Little Like Chris Elliot

Running Time: 45:48
We need to update our Netflix list.
I guess I'm not going to meet Steve Young from the 49ers.
Talking about the podcaster artwork I did over the weekend.
We discuss Matt from the Metal Show's interview with Alan Jorgenson from Ministry. (Matt, if you can post this interview that would rock.)
Elvis calls in once again.
More about our podcaster drawings, including Jeff and Pat.
Clearing the air about Adam Curry. Am I becoming a fanboy?
Nora is turning over a new leaf.
Our trip to the West SIde Market.
When I'm Stuck I Turn to Duct Tape by Something To Do.
Feedback from my palm reading with Myrna.
My thoughts about the XBOX 360 and the next round of Macs.
It's Fathers Day this weekend this weekend.

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Podcast Art T-Shirt Store Now Open!

Well, I went ahead and did it, I opened yet another Cafepress store, this time to sell some of the cool podcasting artwork on some t-shirts. With the blessing of the podcasters I've sketched, I have put up a store that will sell limited editons of the artwork. This weeks featured podcasters are JustSue and Big Mike from the Extra Super Action Show. If you're a fan of theirs, (and you should be) go and pick yourself up a few...and help a brother out...

And by "a brother", I mean me. I am the "brother."

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Podcasting Sketches for A Sunday Afternoon

It seems I'm getting more attention for these drawings than any podcast we've done. But hey, I'll take what I can get. I guess even Adam Curry himself said he liked 'em, especially the one of himself. So hey, I'm making inroads, I guess.

Anyway, I did three sketches today, but only colored in two. So here are the ones I've done so far:
A request from the Catfish Show. I just had to do the cheap Canadian joke. Sorry, I kid our northern neighbors, but they know it's all in jest:

Also one for the man behind Accident Hash, Mr CC Chapman and his son. I wish I had more time to spend on these because I really like the way that his kid came out. If I were in charge of CC's marketing, I would switch out the picture of his son as the main image and make this little drawing iconic to the show. But that's just me. I'm just a crazy marketing/advertsiing type who likes his own illustrations.

And finally, Charley and Carol from Israelisms.

Over the Podcast Alley, apparently people are saying that they would buy these as t-shirts. I don't know how true that would be. But if anyone wants a t-shirt of any of the podcasters I've drawn so far, please let me know. I might set up a Cafpress account with the Podcaster art T-shirts.

Reciprocation Drawlings

The crew from the Borderline was so jazzed about the drawings I did of them, that Lynn decided to reciprocate and draw us.

From the e-mail, Lynn writes:

"Since I'm the one with the art degree, I was chained to a table and forced to produce these using nothing but a sharpie, watercolors, and my tears. And, since I had nothing to go off of except your eyes- you are now Batman and a parachuting ninja. Mystery! The bonus feature is that the eyes are separate drawings so they can be interchanged or used on other bodies I may draw in the future.... so don't piss us off. :-) Bwahahahahahaha! (That was an evil laugh) So in conclusion, these aren't as good as the beautiful drawings you sent us - but we hope you enjoy them anyway! Hooray! Thanks!"

What can we say? We're both very flattered and happy to be turned into high art as well. Thanks Lynn!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

More Podcasting Sketches!

Spent some time this afternoon doing some drawings for podcasters and listeners this afternoon. It's good to be sketching again. It keeps me loose and happy. Anyhow if you head on over to the Podcast Alley forums, you'll see a bunch of podcasters using the avs I drew for them on their posts. Funs stuff, and quite flattering if I do say so, myself.

Ok, let's get to the new drawings. First off, for our good friend DjHojo, here is the Skunk Ape and Wobble Eggs:

I didn't really know how to draw such a thing, and when Nora saw what I was drawing, she had to ask the question, "what are you doing this for again?" Unfortunately, I couldn't answer...

Here is Big Mike and JustSue from the Extra Super Action Show:

I think this would make an awesome comic book. Maybe Marvel or DC or Dark Horse will pick up on this idea and pay me millions to draw it. Then again, maybe I'll be eating cold burritos out of the back of my van one day. That seems more likely.

Neil and Company from Borderline. I'm going to have to ask Neil what the deal is with the two women. I'm intrigued.

A new podcaster on the scene, Nobody Likes Onions. I feel bad for the onion. I actually like onions. Here is his logo holding an iPod.

Ths drawing was starting to put me in the realm of Just Married signs. I've done a ton of those in my time. I wish I could have come up with something cooler for Ferg and Shelly from AirFerg. But hopefully they will like it:

I've been meaning to subscribe to this podcast for quite some time, and the pictures of Nasa Janet may have finally pushed me over the edge. They make me feel all funny inside for some reason. Perhaps it was her lovely blonde hair. flawless complexion and guileless blue eyes. Or maybe because Pete looks like hunky Mel Gibson in some of his photos. Either way, you gotta give it up for this good looking couple from Illinoise!

I was challenged by the host of the Tartanpodcast and since I have a strange fascination with the Scottish, I had to bang out this one drawing:

Fun and kinda sterotypical, but I know the Scots have a good sense of humor, so no worries, mate!

Anyhow, this project has really garnered a lot of attention. So much in fact, that it may actually stimulate some growth in the illustration side of my biz. So, if anyone is looking for an illustrator on a project, please feel free to send me an e-mail. I'm pretty reasonable and you'll be happy with what you get. I pri-zomise.