Monday, May 30, 2005

The Chinese Diver and the End of Oprah

I felt this would have been a great topic for the show, but Nora wouldn't have it. Quite frankly, I can't blame her.

I think this is the end of Oprah Winfrey. Oprah did a recent show about poop, most notably, what it should sound like when it hits the water and what shape it should take. Apparently, according to her expert, it has to sound like a "Swoosh" and make no splash at all. So in essence, it must sound like a Chinese diver.

My personal favorite quote from the show comes from Maureen, who gives us this little gem: "My hemorrhoids feel so bad that it's like grapes hanging out of my rear."

I have that feeling everyday, but only because I do have grapes hanging out of my rear. It's an interesting sensation to say the least.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Jawbone #45: New Jersey Loves Patrick Swayze

This is our longest show yet. We're almost pushing an hour with this one. Nora's sister, Joan is along for the ride as well as Laura, who is suffering from a bad case of laryngitis. We also welcome our friends from New Jersey, Monica and Hari, as they discuss why their fair state is a great place to live.

Running Time: 55:43
I am an honorary member of the New Jersey Podcasters Association.
Why Roadhouse is a great 80's film.
Standing up for New Jersey.
Driving into the bottom of an ice cream cone.
Indian culture in Jersey.
Wisconsin, Hmongs, Fatburger and Frozen Custard.
Fatits and Fitness Freaks.
American Idol Runner-up, Bo Bice and his band Purge, My Blessed Blues.
Maniacs Merge by Bass 211.
Shout out to Luis, our Portugese listener and all our other seven listeners.
Some little kid peed on our new couch tonight.
An audio comment from Aaron Neville.
Back to New Jersey.
The Edison Museum and The Apple Store.
Nora is confused about where our podcasting friends are from.
The Swear Witch Project.
Hari and Horror Films.
Comparing Star Wars to Roadhouse.

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Jawbone #44: It's Three in the Afternoon and I'm Naked

Nora isn't here, so I'm flying solo tonight. Take a trip down memory lane (or is it lame?) with us, as I play some old bits and promos from our college radio days. Fun promos, answering machine messages, Nora's first time in the production studio with me and much more.

Running Time: 46:46
The intro to our old late night show, Raw Nerve.
Hear the first commercial Nora and I ever worked on together. (I think Nora sounds really young) It's for a reggae show called the "Rasta Review".
The Chunky Puppers commercial.
BIT: "Do You Want Fries With That?"
BIT: "The Bobby Jazz Show Part 1"
BIT: "Cigaretts"
BIT: "The Bobby Jazz Show Part 2"
Bill Collins doesn't want you doing any more nude scenes.
The Bloody Irish Boys- Drunk Tonight
Go see Ghost World now. (Yes, it's an older film, but it's damn good.)
I am mesemerized by Indian movies.
End Song by D. Verada.

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Monday, May 23, 2005

Jawbone #43: A Ground Floor Opportunity

Running Time: 47:04
Amway rant.
The J-Bone Files movie trailer.
Nora's new ghost book.
Check out the Portugese versions of David Bowie songs from "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou".
The Flory Dories "I Want You Back".
Len needs a haircut.
Applebee's new steak campaign.
The outdoor mall concept.
What movie are we going to fall asleep to tonight?

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iTunes 4.9 will support podcasts

Very interesting news regarding the next version of iTunes and podcasting.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Jawbone #42: Revenge of the Bigfoot 911 Call

After a fairly long hiatus, we're back! Let's hit the ground running. We're recording the show on Audio Hijack Pro, and I must say, Mr. X is right. This is a better setup. Kudos to you my clandestine podcasting friend!

Running Time: 52:14
A Tribute to Revenge of the Sith.
What happened to us this week?
A semi-review of ROTS. What happened to Natalie Portman's face? What happened to my daughter?
Escalator stories.
A call from Vinnie B.
Voice Mail from D. Verada.
Podcast Pickle Promo. Name the Pickle Man.
Mashup: Big and Rich Vs. Revolting Cocks by DJ Hojo.
An Homage to Hometown Tales - The Bigfoot 911 Call.
Yetis, Skunk Apes, and Bigfeet.
End Song by D. Verada.

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Give This Man Some Love

Adam from Madtown Races does great production work. He's the dude who made the cool Podcast Outlaws stinger that is heard on shows from the Podcast Outlaws network. If you want your show to sound more professional, get a hold of Adam at

Rock on.

Monday, May 16, 2005

We're In A Pickle.

Podcast Pickle that is. We were chosen as the Featured Podcast over at Podcast Pickle!

Here's a nifty little banner to prove it:

We couldn't be more pleased to be picked by the Pickle. Go over there and check out the site today!

Jawbone on DSC - sorta

On today's edition of Daily Source Code, Adam Curry played the Anti AC Mashup that was contributed by a listener of our show. Adam played the "Curry Collage" as a lead in to Dave Winer's comments about him over the weekend.

Pretty wacky stuff. What I want to know is AC said he got the mashup off of Dave's server. Why does Adam still have access to Dave's server? Mr. Winer ought to lock that down, me thinks.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Jawbone #41: The Show That Wasn't

Running Time: 17:56
This is an incredibly short show that is fraught with technical problems. We explain what happened to our interview with Mike Nelson. I am kinda down about that. We also lose our monitors during the middle of the show. So we cut it short and abruptly end since we couldn't hear a damn thing anyway.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

It is Friday the 13th after all right?

Well, we did our interview with Mike Nelson of MST3K tonight. It was great talking to Mike and getting his take on movies, enertainment, home theatre and other things.

However after we hung with him, I realized that Wiretap Pro had locked up and we lost OUR ENTIRE INTERVIEW WITH HIM! Not just part of it, but the whole freaking thing. There is nary a trace that we had talked to him tonight except for the profuse notes that both Nora and I had taken in preperation for the interview.

I am working with the company that makes the software that recorded the interview to try to get the audio back. (If anyone can help figure this out, I would be eternally grateful) But I am not holding out much hope of recovering it.

I am blaming this all on Friday the 13th. :(

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Jawbone #40: Outlaws, Ghosts and Puppets

Allergies are under control for now and we have a new show! Hooray. Things have been mighty busy around the Nobby Annex. Lots to talk about. Once again, Nora's sister, Joan, sits in with us as we discuss a new joint endeavor, The Podcast Outlaws Network. We are also preparing for our big interview with Mike Nelson tonight!

Also you may notice that our shows are being indexed differently once again. This comes from a directive for proper ID3 tags for our podcasts from this blog. This will (hopefully) be the final change to indexing our shows. Thanks for bearing with us.

Running Time: 53:07
Tonight's podcast is sponsored by DIVX.
Song for Nora by Kipp from Napoleon Dynamite.
I am now making money off podcasting
Announcement of The Podcast Outlaws Network.
Shining the spotlight on the little guy.
A very cool recommendation - Radio Free Calamity.
Discussion about the inagural show of Podshow.
Joan talks about the future of podcasting.
Banana suits.
Apparently, AustinCast no longer wants to interview us now that we aren't in the top 50 podcasts at Podcast Alley.
The Ghost the Feeds by Nathan Chase.
Ghost by Machine Made Pleasure.
Hometown Tales made a special promo for us. (It's pretty tough to hear, but bear with us, the ghost stories are pretty cool.)
Tales about The Franklin Castle probably one of the most infamous haunted places in Cleveland.
First traffic light was installed in Downtown Cleveland.
Puritas Hill Roller Coaster.
Nora's story about bottle caps.
Rushing the show. And ghost stories.
Listener e-mail from John in the UK.
Shout out to our nephew, Francis, in Eden Prairie.
We are confirmed to talk to Mike Nelson tonight! We are quite excited. I am bringing out my Tom Servo robot in honor of this interview.
Shout out to Simulacrum.
End Song.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

This is becoming a habit

Wanted to do a show tonight, but my allergies are acting up like crazy. Instead we watched "The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou" the new Wes Anderson film. We highly recommend it. I'm hoping my voice sounds decent enough to do a show tomorrow night.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Jawbone #39: Bush, Paris, Trent and The Bots

This is one ACTION-PACKED show! We've decided to rename our shows with the show episode number, so for those of you who are keeping track of how many shows we're doing, now it's much easier. There's big news regarding the show, lots of listener contributions and a very special guest announcement at the end of the show. If you're a fan of MST3K, pay close attention.

Running Time: 49:33
New Intro honoring Indian culture.
Starting the show - Take Two.
Commentary on American Idol and Cleveland Idol Scotty "The Body" Savol.
We've been added to President Bush's iPod. Thanks to Chris at ThinkFuture for the heads up!
More making fun of Paris Hilton's VapidCast.
Nora does her version of Paris' show.
Dj Hojo's take on The Paris Hilton Podcast.
A call from Paris Hilton.
Pretty Little Nikki by James Donnelly.
Dressing as a banana and a gorilla for the big opening night of Return of The Sith.
Another wonderful message from Vinnie B.
Mashup: Toxic Trent by Nathan Chase.
Talking about NIN at the Empire in Cleveland.
An e-mail from Dave Winer.
Funny comment from Paul from The PK and J Show.
We announce our special guest for next week (this is HUGE news for Mistes everywhere. Hi-Keeba!).
The Greatest Frank of All.
End Song with abrupt end.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Soundseeing Around Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

We are all about educating our listeners at Jawbone, so we do a soundseeing tour from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. We get to hear some interesting sounds from birds and roaches, although most of the animals were upcooperative. Cest' la vie.

Running Time: 39:38
Introduction from the lobby of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Education Center.
An homage to Fr. Roderick from the Catholic Insider.
A trip to Australian Adventure.
Let's listen to the birds talk!
Hootie the barn owl.
Burger King commercial.
Listener voice mail.
Shiner Bock by Snap Floosie.
More listener voice mail.
Animal Girl by George Fryer.
Nora's little known animal facts.
Crows at a competing zoo.
End Song.

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The best thing we've seen today


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Check out our new Podcast Player!

Over on the right, you'll see a new Jawbone podcast player courtesy of PuPu Platters Studios out of Columbus. Just click on it and voila! the latest show streaming right to your desktop. Amazing. It's a simple way to check out the show before deciding to subscribe. And you know you want to.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Thanks For Listening To Our Schmodcast

Nora's sister, Joan, starts out this month of podcast goodness. We question the validity of Podshow, we comment on Paris Hilton's new House of Wax podcast and delve into our listener mail bag.

Running Time - 50:49
What is the future of podcasting? It sounds like it might be PodShow. Talking about Adam Curry's 2 hour strategy cast.
Adam Curry and Boku.
Calls from the Anti Adam Curry Line. (Remember, 206.666.2326)
Commentary on The Paris Hilton Podcast.
Audio Comment from Vinnie. B.
Corporate Whore by Shump
Jumping into the listener mail bag.
Props to Mr. X, Mac Philly and Hometown Tales.
Talking about Nora and Joan's Florida Trip.
End Song.

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