Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jawbone #227: BFF's

This show. So very tired. Stories of the new puppy. Sleeping like Shemp. Calling my new BFF. All this and a barbershop quartet. Enjoy! A note: when I called my BFF during the middle of the show, it didn't record his message. Ah well. Skype hates me.

Chance | Happening
What's Next Quartet

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My Appearance on 190 North

It's been posted! It's short, but hey, it's still TV. Turns out I didn't need to be so worried about my wardrobe after all. Check it out.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tattoo You...With Me!

Got this from a YouTube viewer today. He was really taken by my art for Jonathan Coulton's song "Octopus" that he decided to get a tattoo of it. This marks the second person (at least that I know of) that has my art on their person. The first, of course, is Bryan of Hometown Tales. If you choose to get my art tattooed on you, please send me the pics. I would love to see them!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


In case you've wondered what it sounds like, here ya go. Thanks to Dan for this find.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Finally! A Candidate I Can Truly Endorse!

Remember to get out there and vote next week, regardless of who you back. That is all. Thanks for the link Laughing Squid!

Caption This: 10-27-08

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Len TV: D-Day

On October 25th, we picked up the newest member of our family, a soft coated wheaten terrier. It was a surprise birthday gift for our eldest daughter's 8th birthday. Luckily, we recorded the moment of her meeting her new pet for the first time and we're happy to share the moment with you. Happy Birthday, Siena!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jawbone #226: Dog Day Afternoon

On this episode, we talk about the newest member of our family. We are totally out of our element and we admit it. Listen in and hear how we have been broken down by our eldest daughter. Happy Birthday, Sisi!

The Robots Are Coming (So We Might As Well Dance) | Manny Jasus

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Watchmen Trailer Looks Really Bad

And by bad I mean GOOD! See what I did there? Anyway, I was excited after the first trailer but now, this is shaping up, for me at least, to be the must-see movie of next year. Check out the whole thing in all its glory here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Mole-men Have Arrived!

The new site (designed by moi) for the 700 Mole-Men, the companion to the 700 Hoboes viral art project that was launched by Drawn and Boing Boing oh so many years ago - and incidentally had this blog embroiled in some controversy at the onset - is now up and ready to be viewed. The 700 Mole-Men are from the new book "More Information Than You Require" by author, Daily Show correspondent, Mac spokesperson and friend of the show, John Hodgman, The site was programmed by Whiz Kid Dan Coulter and features my art as well as the images of Adam Koford, Mike Peterson, Ben Rollman and Sunday Williams. You can join the fun too! Just join the 700 Mole-Men Group at Flickr, add your photos and they will show up on the site. Oh and don't forget to pick up Hodgman's new book, available at all fine book retailers everywhere.

BTW, as I was linking up the post, I found this brilliant piece of art by Mike AKA Hal.

Man, am I behind.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Brilliant...If You're A Mac Guy

Hilarious. Also, I would like to remind people that John Hodgman's new book More Information Than You Require comes out tomorrow.

That is all.

Best Site of The Day

With all the financial turmoil of the past few weeks, it's been hard to get excited about anything money-wise. That is, until I was turned onto SmartyPig. It's a pretty neat (albiet, old) concept: forced savings. I'm really liking this idea a lot and I think you'll see this concept take off in the coming months.

Caption This: 10-20-08

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jawbone #225:...And Then A Barbershop Quartet Shows Up On your Doorstep

Something is wrong with my hair. What I wore in Chicago. What to do when a Barbershop Quartet shows up on your doorstep. Being starved in a hospital and much more. Thanks for listening and if you dig it, please subscribe.

What's Next Quartet
Amiable Vice | Zalinski
If My Wife Knew

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Len TV: Chicago

Len TV is back with a quick recap of my trip to Chicago to be on the show 190 North to promote Monster By Mail. The show is slated to air Oct. 26th on ABC 7 Chicago and will be available for viewing by all shortly thereafter. Be sure to check the blog for more details and of course remember to check out Monster By Mail.

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Chicago...It's A HeckuvaTown

Jesus Loves The UN
Originally uploaded by jawboneradio.
My trip to Chicago went well and we'll probably talk about it on the show, but for all those interested, some run-of-the-mill touristy photos are up on the Flickr. Thanks Chi-Town! I hope to be back again soon!

A Little Something To Get You Past Hump Day

Thanks to Monica for this.

Monday, October 13, 2008

What I Am Wearing On TV

I leave shortly for my short jaunt to Chicago to film my first Monster By Mail TV segment. But I didn't want to leave anyone hanging as to my wardrobe. I am going with a layered look: A grey longsleeve thermal shirt, jeans, black skeleton Vans and a black Where The Wild Things Are T-shirt featuring Max. I may also bring one more shirt, just in case, but for now, that's what it looks like.

Please continue your Columbus Day.

Caption This: 10-13-08

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yes. It Is Still True

25 and babies using it
Originally uploaded by jawboneradio.
Thanks to Isabelle for this photo.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Take On Me: LIterally

What if videos from the 80's were interpreted literally? Whiz Kid Dan Coulter shows us via this 2000-esque link. Thanks Dan!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Jawbone #224: Have A Ragwich

Fan favorite Neil joins us for a show to discuss Arby's, hats, door-to-door sandwiches, and more. Plus, we talk a little about my upcoming trip to Chicago to be on television and what I should wear for the event. Plus new music from Ze Frank and Skyhawk! Enjoy the love!

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What's The Baby Using? Electronica Version

Skyhawk, a regular contributor to ELR, was inspired recently by the "What's The Baby Using" theme that we featured on the show recently, so he decided to make a very cool electronica version. And in turn, I have decided to put it in the feed and share it all with you. Please feel free to distribute, play and manipulate as you see fit!

What's the Baby Using? Skyhawk Mix

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"There's A Zombie In My Treehouse!" Sneak Preview

I am knee-deep in the artwork for the upcoming book I mentioned a few weeks ago called "There's a Zombie In My Treehouse". I'm not giving anything away here, but I thought you readers would find it interesting to see where the art is headed. Enjoy!

Incidentally, friend of the podcast and all around cool chick, Veronica Belmont, mentioned Monster By Mail on TWIT today. Thanks so much Veronica! And don't forget, the auctions for two of the laser-etched coffins end this Wednesday morning, so get in there and bid now! And don't forget the Zombie prints available at Etsy!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Len and Nora in the Cauldron

Roman, a listener, fan and contributor to the CSU Cauldron Netcast was kind enough to do an interview with us recently and here are the results. Some viewers of the live show on Ustream have already seen the Q and A session, but it's cool to finally have it in it's complete form. Enjoy our floating photo!

The Facebook Song

Based on the chat from our previous podcasts. I felt this song would be appropriate. Fun stuff! (This is a dedication to Nora)

Opus is Dying

I don't get the Sunday paper any longer, but my friend Pete pointed me to yesterday's Opus. It looks like Berke Breathed, the creator is sufffering with some serious health problems and he may be ending the comic. It was ironic, because I just pulled out some old Bloom County paperbacks for drawing reference just yesterday morning. See the sadness here.

Caption This: 10-6-08

Thanks to DJ Hojo for this week's contribution.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Jawbone #223: The Apology Show

A solocast and live call in show cut short by a crying teething child. I issue apologies to the following people:

My Sister
Dan and Julie Coulter
Todd Richards
The Real Del Far
James from Nobody's Listening

Thanks for listening! We'll have to do it again sometime soon.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Halloween At Monster By Mail -Laser Etched Coffins!

First off, thanks to everyone who has voted for the choice of print for Monster By Mail. The winner will be decided Friday and be turned into a high-quality 12 x 18 canvas print, suitable for framing. Stay tuned for more info on that soon. But in the meantime...

In honor of the Halloween season, I am offering a very limited edition piece of art. Here's what it is: A miniature pine coffin (Dimensions are 9" x 4 1/2" x 2 1/4") with an original piece of custom-designed digital art precisely laser-etched onto the lid. On the back of the coffin, the Monster By Mail Logo is laser-etched. Each coffin is numbered and hand signed by me. The buyer may suggest the theme of the art, but I still retain the right to do my own interpretation for the lid. If you end up purchasing the piece, I'll work with you to make it as custom-designed as possible, so no worries. I won't be able to do portraits from photos, however.

This is a very limited edition piece. Only four will be created. Two are being offered at Etsy and two are being offered for auction at Ebay.

I have no idea how quickly, the ones at Etsy will sell, and really have no idea what the demand will be at Ebay. So if you're interested, I suggest you act fast, because I'm only doing 4 of these coffins. Thanks in advance and Happy Halloween!