Monday, October 15, 2012

"You Know You Can Hire Me, Right?"

This post is from October of 2012.  Some of this is old news, but the gist of it still rings true.  I'll update it occassionally when I have something new to share. Just consider this your bible for working with me.


I've been pretty busy over the past few months working on Geek A Week stuff, a full-fledged graphic novel and helping out with paintings for a upcoming documentary.  Let's not forget that I became a new dad (again!) back in May by welcoming new new son, Julian.  Because of that, I've had my head down diligently doing the work that needed to be done.  I'm at point now where the smoke is more or less cleared, I'm waiting for a pretty big project to fire up.  The other day I went to look at my roster of projects and I realize - DOH! I need some stuff to work on!

This has happened frequently to me in my freelance career and I always try to stave off going into full freakout mode. I've been pretty good managing my anxiety, but this morning, I realized that I need some projects to get me through this rough spot.

Because I've been pretty busy, I've been going to Twitter and shouting into the feed like some sort of bazaar shop owner.  Everyone seems to be yelling all at once over there and not a whole lot of people are listening.  The 140 character thing isn't helping much either.  I've got so much to say, so I figured a long form, old-school blog post would be more appropriate.

So, here's the deal:  I am currently, ACTIVELY looking for commission work.  Here are a few ways you can commission me and help a brother out:

Geek A Week 4.0:  Earlier this month, I launched a Kickstarter for Season 4 of Geek A Week. As of this writing, I'm about 65% funded, which is great!  But I still have some ways to get funded,  Not only that, but I am also trying to create a Fan Only Set made up of 8 geeked out fans.  That reward level is at the $399 which is definitely a premium price. But you do get to be added to the official Geek A Week site and you get interviewed and a bunch of copies of your own card,  I don't this for everyone, so it is pretty special.  Anyway, check it out - it might make a great holiday gift for someone on your nice list. (EDIT:  This Kickstarter is now over.  But you can still order Geek A Week cards at my online store!) I'll also be a part of other Kickstarters or do my own from time to time, Check back to see what I'm involved in.

General Commission work:  While we're on the subject of the holidays, now would be a PERFECT time to engage me for a commission for Christmas and the holidays. I offer a few different flavors of commissions...

FlipFace: My avatar creation service is still up and running and I can make you a custom avatar for your social media needs. Prices are as low as $10 for a black and white avatar up to $20 for a zombie-fied avatar.  I can also do custom work for the holidays as well.  Check it out!

Caricatures at Live Events:  I just recently started doing live events where I'll draw fun black and white or color caricatures for you and your friends. I'm calling it Flipface Live!  I can do straight ahead caricatures or even zombie caricatures. I'll even travel for an additional fee. You can hire me here, here or here. Or of course, you can also hire me privately.

Monster By Mail:  My 5 year old monster creation site is currently wrapping up it's stint with guest artist Sunday Williams.  Although the site says otherwise, Sunday is currently not working on the monsters, but another talented artist, Mike Peterson is.  We're in the process of switching things up, but you can still hire me to draw up a 4 x6 original piece of monster art.  If you'd like to request me, just mention it in your special instructions when ordering.

50 vs. 50:  There are still some Hero and Villain slots available in this project.  I mentioned earlier this month that if you order a Hero or Villain from me in October, you get a free monster print with your order. This is still valid up until October 31, so keep that in ind when ordering,  (Currently, the heroes are winning the battle -which basically means there are more villains left to order than heroes. So follow your heart and order accordingly.)

Geekimals: In the tradition of some of my other commission-based products, I just started up one called Geekimals, where I can draw geeky portraits of your pets for a few schillings.  I also offer greeting cards and UComics branded Geekimals (personalized comic pages written by the amazing Jessica Mills and drawn by me.)  They're pretty fun and every pet owner should have one!

Other Commission Work: Let it be known that I can draw custom pieces as birthday, Christmas or other special occasions.  I can do geeky pinups, or I can draw your D&D character - just flip through this site to check out stuff I've done.  Fun!

Larger Scale Work-For Hire:  I suppose I should put this out there as well.  I am available to work on book illustrations, board and card games, spot illustrations - pretty much anything.  My costs vary from project to project, so we'll probably have to trade e-mails to work that all out,  but please know I will entertain all serious inquiries.

And of course, if you're scared of contacting me and would just like to buy some of my products, you can always visit my online store, where you'll find some of the products I mentioned above and other fun stuff!

Phew. Hopefully  this will help stoke the fires and before you know it, I'll once again have my head buried deep in too much work. My wife and I thank you and most of all, my immense family thanks you.