Wednesday, September 26, 2012

50 vs. 50 Meets Monsters!

So, I got busy last spring and totally forgot to talk about my 50 vs. 50 Hero and Villain project. Short version: You order a hero or villain from me.  I draw it.  You hang it on your wall! Easy!  By drawing these commissions, I was raising money to get to Comic Con 2012 (and I might do it again!).  But for now, I have a rather sizable job get pushed back a month, which has left a rather sizable gap in my schedule. Which ultimately means I have time to do some commissions! 

There are a good number of heroes and villains left to order. The last time I checked, the heroes were winning (basically there are more villains to order). And to sweeten the deal, if you order now to the end of October, you'll recieve - TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE - an original monster print with your order - much like this:

Or this:

Or even this:

That's right! You'll get a totally free monster print with your 50 vs, 50 hero/villain order.  So fly on over to the site, place your order and help me out during this gap in work!