Thursday, October 20, 2005

Super Secret Podcast Guest -- Sign In

We mentioned on our last show that we were having a special guest podcaster joining us for an upcoming show. And now the truth can be told!

World-famous New Jersey podcaster Gene from Hometown Tales will be a special guest in-studio with us this weekend. Not only that, but we will doing a "joint podcast" where we will be recording both of our shows at the same time. We'll Skype Bryan in and we'll do show #78 of Jawbone and Show #38 of Hometown Tales. You'll hear Hometown Tales folklore and ghost stories while Nora and I punctuate these tomes with our silly comments. It should be a blast, so make sure you subscribe today!

1 comment:

  1. so wait...that means I'm gonna get two of the same podcast?

    Man, what am I gonna do, listen twice?

    What are you guys trying to do to me???

    It seems Gene is getting too popular for the NJPA. Us little guys are just not enough for this rock star! j/k

    Looking forward to hearing this one.