Monday, April 30, 2007

Got A Square To Spare?

Sheryl Crow wants your hands to smell. How do I know? A recent environmental call to action on her website asked the world to use "only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where two to three could be required".

I don't know about anyone else, but I need at least 14 sheets to feel right about myself. Does that make me a bad person? Anyway, something to think about on Earth Day, a celebration that was started by a guy who killed his girlfriend and stuffed her in a trunk to rot.

Mystery Question 4-30-07

Here is this week's stumper:
"One day, a father went to his three sons and told them that he would die soon and he needed to decide which one of them to give his property to. He decided to give them all a test. He said, "Go to the market my sons, and purchase something that is large enough to fill my bedroom, but small enough to fit in your pocket. From this I will decide which of you is the wisest and worthy enough to inherit my land." So they all went to the market and bought something that they thought would fill the room, yet was still small enough that they could fit into their pockets. Each son came back with a different item. The father told his sons to come into his bedroom one at a time and try to fill up his bedroom with whatever they had purchased. The first son came in and put some pieces of cloth that he had bought and laid them end to end across the room, but it barely covered any of the floor. Then the second son came in and laid some hay, that he had purchased, on the floor but there was only enough to cover half of the floor. The third son came in and showed his father what he had purchased and how it could fill the entire room yet still fit into his pocket. The father replied, "You are truly the wisest of all and you shall receive my property." What was it that the son had showed to his father?"
Last week's answer: Xadrian came the closest. The servant said, "My mother wants to see her grandson swinging on a swing of gold."

Caption This: 4-30-07

I have no idea who this is standing next to Raquel Welch, but I agree with Michael from SLC; this is definite Caption This material.

From Yngwie to A Real Guitar Hero

Here's one for all you XBOXers out there. Over the weekend, Ajay from All Axis Radio asked me if he should get Guitar Hero 2 for his 360. I was all like, "hell yeah! that game rocks!" I thought I was pretty decent at it...that was until I saw this kid. 8 year old Ben totally destroys this game on expert and makes me feel like a total dork for not being able to get past a three star rating.

For all of you who are scratching their heads wondering what the hell I am talking about, just watch the video. Thanks to Scott for the link.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Thanks to Paul for this video. I watched it and didn't think it was that funny at first, then I woke up laughing about it yesterday morning.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Monsters Get Boinged

Thanks to everyone who is finding my monsters on the tubes via Boing Boing. Glad to have you along for the ride. I think I may sell out again on this round pretty quickly, so if you haven't ordered already, please do so. I have upped the number I will be doing this in anticipation of demand. Let's hope that's not premature. In any event, enjoy this little video of one of my recent faves, The Green Girl.

UPDATE: Although it says that I have met the quota of orders, I will be adding an extra 25 to this run to bring the total to 200. Hopefully ordering will be back up and running shortly. Please stay tuned.

UPDATE: MBM is closed for now, but will re-open soon with another theme! Thanks to everyone who ordered this round!

Monster Masher Dead

Bobby "Boris" Pickett, who became one of the most famous one-hit wonders with his Monster Mash, died today of leukemia. Read the whole story here.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Jawbone #157: Did You Just Kiss Someone?

Nora is back for a show! Tonight, Nora and Neil are up in the studio where we discuss appliances, dirty bathrooms. and a whole host of other interesting topics. Join us, won't you?

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The Future Soon

How about this for a headline?

Scientists find most Earthlike planet yet.

I'm telling you, if my family gets any bigger, I think I may be looking to move. Thanks to Matt for this cool story.

More Monsters In The Wild

Ok, so I know this place has turned into a Monster clearinghouse, but I can't help it. The monsters are taking up a lot of my time. Not only that, but they are still turning up in mailboxes around the country and around the world.

So, remember a few weeks ago I blogged about Monster 100, "Newborn"? Well, Philip - the "orderer" of said monster - became a proud father this past Sunday. And of course, he spared no time in comparing my silly ugly monster to his beautiful newborn daughter, Yuki.

If you have a monster, I'd love to see them in the wild. Send em via e-mail to me when you get a photo.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Can Anyone Speak German?

Today, Monster By Mail was linked up on what looks to be the German version of Rocketboom. I can hear my name in German, but I don't know what else they are saying. Any help from anyone?

The New Fantastic Four Movie Looks Pretty Good

Don't watch if you're not into spoliers. Thanks to Dan for the link.

Monster By Mail: The Hokie Returns

Over the weekend, I got a request for Phase 2 of Monster By Mail for "...But The Hokie Always Prevails" along with a note from the person apologizing for being "emotionally charged" but she really wanted to see this interpreted in my style.

Not knowing much about Hokies, I googled it and realized -- oh, that's the mascot of Virginia Tech. Another oh, when I realized the request came from Blacksburg, VA.

Needless to say, I was a bit taken back by the request. I mean, I'm drawing monsters here. Silly monsters at that. This -- this was pretty deep. Last week we witnessed a real monster take the lives of 33 people and wound 15 others. Not only that, but with the theme "Monster Movies", you can imagine my thoughts about how I should interpret the drawing.

Well, after some thought and some creative lisence, I came up with a take on it that serves (hopefully) as a tribute to the students and faculty of Viginia Tech. Remember, at the end of every good monster movie, the good guys win.

My thoughts and prayers go to out to everyone touched by this tragedy.

NOTE: The silence at the end of the video is intentional. As was not coloring in the hand at the bottom of the picture.

Weird Ottercat Things

Got this weird video from Monica this morning. The things in it are otters, not cats, just in case you were wondering. Check it out.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kryptonite Discovered In Mine

Watch out Superman.
"A new mineral matching its unique chemistry - as described in the film Superman Returns - has been identified in a mine in Serbia."
Read the story here. Thanks to Whiz Kid Danny C for the link.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Where There Be Monsters?

Find out here. Thanks to Mr. X for the link.

Photoshop Anyone?

Man, if this image doesn't cry out to be photoshopped, I don't know what does. From Phil:
"William Hung, who shot to fame with an off-key audition on "American Idol," makes his film debut in this martial arts musical comedy. Auntie Foon (Nancy Sit), a music hall owner in Imperial China, searches for her long-lost son, as well as husbands for her 12 daughters. Enter kindly singer Ma (Hung), who could be Foon's son. The fun family film also features a priceless Chinese version of Hung singing his signature, Ricky Martin's "She Bangs."
Pick up this monstrosity for yourself here or here.

Mystery Question 4-23-07

Man, I gotta find harder questions. You guys finish them to quickly. Here is this week's stumper:
"Once upon a time, in the West Lake village, a servant lived with his master. After service of about 30 years, his master became ill and was going to die. One day, the master called his servant and asked him for a wish. It could be any wish but just one. The master gave him one day to think about it. The servant became very happy and went to his mother for discussion about the wish. His mother was blind and she asked her son for making a wish for her eye-sight to come back. Then the servant went to his wife. She became very excited and asked for a son as they were childless for many years. After that, the servant went to his father who wanted to be rich and so he asked his son to wish for a lot of money. The next day he went to his master and made one wish through which all the three (mother, father, wife) got what they wanted. You have to tell what the servant asked the master."
Last week's answer: Silent Partner

Caption This: 4-23-07

Thanks to Phillip for this weeks image.

Tainted Pork Makes it to Human Plates

Those with pets would know that there has been a massive recall of pet foods due to contamination. Well, now it seems like some of the contamination has made it to human plates. Thanks to Monica for the heads up.

Oh and the image is from DJ Hojo. Hobo Chili Dog Food. WTH?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Monster By Mail: Phase 2 - NOW TAKING ORDERS!

That's right folks! Phase 2 of Monster By Mail is now up and running and accepting orders.

A couple things are different this time around. First off, a new theme. The theme for this round of MBM is Fictional Monster Movies. You give me a fictional monster movie title -- like, The Thing That Ate Lakewood or Horror Bikini Motor Bunnies -- and I'll draw you the monster from that fictional film. Unfortunately, because of copyright issues, I cannot draw actual monsters from movies, like Freddie or Jason. But everything else, I think, should be fair game.

Also, the price structure has changed this time around. For $20, you get the original art delivered to you via US mail -- in an envelope mind you, to protect it. For an extra $10, you get a video of the monster being created. Not only that, but you can purchase Official Monster By Mail T-shirts from Some of you may recognize the "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Eat Brains" design from last summer. It is now available for purchase through them. Plus both shirts sport the keen MBM logo on the back.

So -- if you were left out in the cold last round, now's your chance to get in on the fun. Let's get ready to draw some monsters!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Jawbone #156: My Own Asian Manifesto

Tonight, Laura joins me again in the Nobby annex for a show where I let the world hear my own angry manifesto against that loser who killed 32 innocent people and injured 15 other people earlier this week in Virginia. I also talk about our own near tragedy this past week and how we avoided a major fire here. Thanks to Charles and Richard (the rockstar) for the voice mails!


Rhythm Bound | Little Girl's Rockin'

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JoCo Oughta Know

Capitalzing on the incredible rush of interest in Alanis Morrisette and her poignant cover and video of the Black Eyed Peas "My Humps", JoCo has gone back into his studio and delivered his own Alanis cover, her hit "You Oughta Know".

Dang, it feels good to hear new stuff from Mr. Coulton. Lord knows I missed it like the rest of you. I think I will commemorate by doing an illustration of the song! Good times, good times...

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

LEN TV: Monster #150

Well, I did it. I finished 150 original monster sketches to complete the first phase of Monster By Mail. To commemorate, I did a special LEN TV of the final one being drawn. This is seriously the most I have ever drawn in my life. Even when I worked as a professional illustrator, I didn't draw THIS much. To meet the demand, I drew 4-12 monsters per day for three weeks straight. It was brutal, but it was a lot of fun and yes, I will be starting the cazy process all over again very soon. So you too will be able to get your own hand drawn monster!

Thanks again to everyone who ordered a monster and who helped me out. I can't thank you enough for the support. Anyway, enjoy the show!

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Monsters In the Wild: Part 2

Got this today from Matt. He ordered "Dignified" and now it hangs proudly above his printer. Woo hoo! My work is frameworthy! Remember to keep sending in photos of how you are displaying your monsters. I love seeing them!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Monster By Mail - Phase 2: A Hint

Well, it looks like I am slated to complete Phase 1 one Monster By Mail tonight. I have eight more drawings to go and I hope to have everything completed (fingers crossed) by this evening. Shortly thereafter, Phase 2 will kick into gear. Things are going to be a little different for this phase. Including a new theme. I've given you a little hint as to what is to come. Feel free to guess if you choose. And keep watching this blog and Monster By Mail for more info.

Monday, April 16, 2007

An Interview With Bill Watterson

Got this cool link from Scott Johnson today. Apparently, Bill Watterson took questions from fans around the world and answered them. Pretty neat read!

The Lost Star Wars Scene

Got this a while ago in the jawbone e-mail box and finally got some time to post it. Pretty funny stuff. Thanks JG!

20 More Monsters To Go!

Originally uploaded by jawboneradio.
The first phase of the Monster By Mail project is quickly coming to a close. I have about 20 or so monsters to go. Be sure to keep checking back at the site for the start of SUPER SECRET PHASE TWO, which should prove to be equally as exciting and fun as the first.

Until then, enjoy this creepy little number for a Monster called Mr. Jack, which is seriously one of the creepiest things I have ever drawn.

Mystery Question 4-16-07

Couldn't stump you guys last week. Good work! Let's see how well you do this week:

This list of words reveals a person. Can you figure out who it is?


Last week's answer: Fear was correct. wolf -> fowl -> foul -> fair -> fare -> fear.

Caption This: 4-16-07

Thanks to Karen for this week's image!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Monster 100

In case you haven't been following the Monster By Mail project, I just drew monster 100 last night. Appropriately enough, the descriptive word was "Newborn". I uploaded the video this morning and put it to Jonathan Coulton's "You Ruined Everything." It's not how I feel about the baby (well, maybe the "need more money" line), but it seemed rather appropriate for this illustration.

Under 50 monsters to go! Woot!

UPDATE: I also found out that the person I drew this for has their own baby due right around now. Actually, today is their due date! Talk about planets aligning and all that.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Jawbone #155: Here, Have A Meat Pinwheel

Neil and Laura sit in for Nora tonight and we discuss vomit, meatlof and of course, meat piwheels. Thanks for listening!


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Robot Portraits

On the heels of MBM and Hobo Portraits, I give you Robot Portraits from fellow 700 Things Artist, Ben Rollman:
"It's simple. You send a photo or link to a photo and $10 and I send you a robotized version of the photo in the mail. How simple could it be?

Each drawing will be on 5x9 inch bristol stock and I'd expect about a 10 day turn around.

If you don't have a photo and would just like a random robot, feel free to send a short description or even just a single word and I'll throw down some creativity and get you something snazzy."
This is Ben's interpretation of me. I love my smiley yellow life jacket. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

Goodbye Mr. Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut, author of one of my favorite short stories, "The Long Walk To Forever" is dead at age 84. Read more here.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Monsters In The Wild

If you haven't noticed, I've been pretty busy drawing monsters. You can see more of that here, here and of course, here. But it looks as if the monsters are arriving safely to their masters. Proof would be this photo I received from Grant. He got the Ninja monster, and between you and me, this is one I wanted to hold onto for myself. But I have the video proof of me drawing it for him so... anyway, if you have ordered a monster, I'd love to know how you display it. Did it arrive safely in the mail? Are you framing it? Is it now a coaster in your living room? Let me know!

Oh, and I don't know what the rules are for DIGG, but you can digg the story (if you haven't already) here.

Code Monkey Card Game

I talked about it a while ago on the blog. It is now available here. I did some new original art for some of the cards and also my Code Monkey image is the back of the cards! Woo hoo! I haven't had time to play it yet, but I have to say, it looks like Mike (the creator of the game) knows what the hell he's doing. I wish I could say as much for me.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Monster For Monday

Continuing with the Monster By Mail series, here is one of my recent faves drawn last night after Easter dinner. Enjoy!

Mystery Question 4-9-07

Here is this week's stumper. Remember to show your work!

What emotion is an anagram of a homonym of an antonym of a homonym of an anagram of wolf?

Last Week's Answer: Carpet.

Caption This: 4-9-07

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Len TV: Happy Easter

We are in the middle of a MAJOR winter storm right now in Cleveland. Right now, it feels more like Christmas morning than Easter. Can I just say how stupid this weather is? I refused to shovel yesterday on principle and I paid for it this morning, as I had to shovel a foot and half of snow so we could get out of our driveway. Anyway, Happy Easter to everyone. And for all of you getting hammered with this blizzard on Easter Sunday, stay warm!

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This. Rocks.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Thursday, April 05, 2007

150 Monsters In My Inbox

For all of you finding this site from Monster By Mail, Drawn, CNET or the dozens of other sources that have linked me up, welcome! I made my quota of 150 monsters in less than one week and now I have to hundred...and fifty...monsters...


But that's OK! It'll be fun and definitely worth watching. BTW, if you are a creative commons or unsigned artist and you have a monster song in your songlist (or maybe you can write one) let me know and I'll feature your song on an upcoming video. And if it's really good, we may even feature here on Jawbone! Watch the MBM site for more info on that.

Alright, back to the drawing table...literally.

Jawbone #154: Nora's Monstrous Birthday Show

We celebrate a short show before Easter. We talk about the Monster By Mail project, Nora's Birthday and how Nora is feeling. It's a quick one, but enjoy!

Thanks to our sponsor Chillpak! Mention the promotion code JAWBONE and get 15% off your order!


Stark Raving Hojo | Happy Birthday Knorah!
Jonathan Coulton | I'm Having A Party

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Before I Forget...

Happy Birthday Nora! New show coming very soon...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Monster By Mail Press

To say the response to this project has been overwhelming would be a major understatement. MBM was covered on Drawn! today. Plus, we got a really excellent shoutout by Veronica Belmont on today's CNET's Buzz Out Loud podcast!

I'm really close to meeting the goal of 150 original drawings. In less than a week. Insane. Thanks for all the incredible support. I am now knee-deep in monsters around the house. It's all good.

Today's Favorite Monster

I really like this one a lot. I was telling someone yesterday that I'm trying REALLY hard not to fall in love with any of these, since I have to give them away. It's kind of like having a baby and then having to give it away... Anyway, enjoy this drawing or a axe weilding psychopath! ROXXORS!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Commenting Problem

I am having trouble with the comments. I think it's a Haloscan problem. I'm looking into it.

UPDATE: Loooks like it's a Mac Safari problem. I wonder if Haloscan will fix that.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Monster Train

It keeps rolling along. Here is one of my recent faves and the video that goes along with it. Thanks to Rico for the word!

Hey, This Looks Familiar!

"Artist Oliver Munday produced this stunning alphabet by melting, torquing and modding plastic toy soldiers."
I personally thought we did a much better job here.

Mystery Question 4-2-07

I am a 6 letter word.
Letters 6-5-2 spell out a drink.
Letters 4-5-2-3 spell out a fruit.
Letters 1-2-6 spell out a pet.
Letters 3-2-6 spell out a pest, which often gets eaten by 1-2-6.

What am I?

Last week's answer: Monica got it right! Check the comments if you missed the correct answer. Do I sense some foul play here?

Caption This: 4-2-07

Sunday, April 01, 2007

More Monster Videos

Wanted to link up the newest Monster Vids. I probably won't be linking them all up (unless it's a REALLY COOL one). But you can always see the latest videos at Monster By Mail. You can also see the finished drawings (usually first, since the videos take me a while to create, although I am getting better at them) at my Flickr set.

Thanks again for the amazing response. I plan on getting a few done each day, so turnaround time right now is about a week or so for the art to arrive in your mailbox (maybe a little longer if you are out of the US.)

If you like what you're seeing, tell a friend, link up the site, DIGG it, etc.

Also, a big thanks to Dan who has been incredibly instrumental in making the site and programming the backend. Danco absolutely rocks!

Here is one of favorite ones so far, for the word Ferretlike:

And here some links so some others: