Saturday, July 16, 2005

Jawbone #58: They Might Be Podcasters

Nora's back is killing her. But that doesn't stop us from doing a show (partially) from KidsFest in downtown Cleveland and try to track down our elusive interview with John Flansburgh and John Linnell, better known as They Might be Giants. The show turns out to be incredibly cool and one of the best rock shows we have ever seen, even if it was aimed at kids. It was our kids first rock show, and our first rock concert as a family, it was certainly a memory to be cherished. Unfortunately, the ubercool souveniers we got from the show ended up being stolen. Will we ever get the chance to talk to the Johns? Listen and find out what happened.

Running Time: 44:19

They Might Be Giants
Justin Roberts | Brontosaurus Got A Sweet Tooth
A Halo Called Fred | Mexican Love Song Or A Love Song for (Insert Your Name Here)

Road House 2
Hollow Man

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