Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Jawbone #65: Live From Virginia Beach -Part Deux

In the conclusion of our trip to Virginia Beach, we explain what we saw shortly after we visited the Cornwallis cave during our Yorktown Ghost Tour. We take an exhausted trip to see dolphins in the Chesapeake Bay and enjoy a fine night at the Boardwalk. Join us, won't you?

Stingray | Ghosts in the Attic

Yorktown Pub
Lynnhaven Seafood and Fishing Center
The Dockside Inn
Dolphin Tours

Ok, for those of you who are curious about the ghost photo, here's the story: Nora's brother, George, shot this photograph while we stood in front of the Cornwallis cave.

The figure to the extreme right of the photograph is our tour guide. At the time this picture was taken, she was explaining that she doesn't like being near the cave at all, and has felt this way since she was a small child. (Her father was apparently a ranger with the National Parks Service in Virginia.) George shot the photo without a flash and with a longer exposure. The light is from a lantern that sat at the tour guides feet. Directly behind the shoulder of our tour guide, everyone noticed what looks to be a man's face. You can get a better look in this detail photograph.

I know a lot of skeptics will say that this is "matrixing", where the brain creates familiar objects out of unfamiliar, jumbled images. All I know is that I see a definite face. And it seems kind of odd that that would show up as our guide was talking about not wanting to go near the cave. Maybe someone should tell her that's she's not safe outside the cave, either.

That's our story and we're sticking with it. If you want to hear more, download or subscribe to our latest podcast.

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  2. Len, I know who that face is.

    It's Scott Savol from American Idol. He's now terrorizing people visually instead of aurally.