Monday, October 10, 2005

Free Love on the Freelove Freeway

David Brent
Originally uploaded by geener.

Nora and I have been watching (and re-watching) the BBC version of The Office on DVD for the past few months. We've talked about it on our show and we're big fans. We also are starting to like the American version as well, although the earlier shows were trying too hard to be like the British version.

Regardless, I came across this great caricature of Ricky Gervais who plays the character of David Brent, the pathetic boss of Wernham-Hogg. Great drawing, great expression. It makes me want to go and watch the DVD's all over again.


  1. Yeah, the first episode of the Second Season of the American Version was much better than what I remember of the first. Very funny. They seem to be doing a more unique take on it.


  2. I don't see then trying to be like the original. Sure the same story line to entice fans of the show, but not a Word for Word repeat of the BBC version.

    The new season looks to be off on it own story line.