Saturday, February 18, 2006

New Comment System, New Look

If you've been visiting the blog the last 24 hours, you'll see that we've switched things up a little bit here. We have a new template for the blog as well as a new comment system that is powered by Haloscan. Feel free to test out the new system and let us know what you think. Is it easier? More difficult? And how do you like the new look? So many questions. So little time.

BTW, I am aware that this site looks a little crazy in Internet Explorer. I don't recommend you use IE if you're a Windows user. If you haven't already switched, go and download the Firefox browser.

Also, for now, until the transition is completely made, you can make comments via either with the new Haloscan system or with the Blogger system. One of the main reasons of the switch to Haloscan is because this particular template did not support word verification to combat spam. Hopefully it will prove to be effective as we move forward. Thanks for bearing with us!

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