Sunday, December 10, 2006

Jawbone #141: In Search of Bigfoot and AlphaChimp

If you are a fan of cryptoid humanoids both real and virtual, this is the show for you! On tonight's episode of Jawbone (freshly deleted from Wikipedia!) we bring you a very interesting discussion with Idaho State University professor, Jeff Meldrum, who was recently attacked by his collegues in an article that ran in the Associated Press. Thanks to Aaron from The Big Show for the lead on this story. We also discuss our deletion from Wikipedia, as Nora drops the gauntlets for a campaign to bring the editor who got us deleted on a future show. If you'd like to call and share your perspective, please do so at 206.666.2326. Enjoy the show!

Jeff Meldrums Book
Jeff's Wiki Entry
The Attack on Jeff Meldrum
Our Wikipedia Entry
The Wikipedia Debacle

Apparently, someone called our friend A.Chimp a "mama's boy" on his own Wikipedia page. Please know that neither Nora or I feel that Mr. Chimp has any feelings for his mother other than familial love. Please note that neither Nora nor I were the ones who blessed him with such a moniker. This according to our guidelines, Criteria #43: Never call an editor at Wikipedia anything that would call the love for his mother in question. Thank you - Len

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