Thursday, June 07, 2007

Real Time Creative Response

Just as I promised, here if the video I created for the new Jonathan Coulton song "Octopus". For the past week, Coulton has been writing, editing and recording his first original song since he ended Thing A Week in September 2006. He had the entire process online via UStream for the whole world to see -- including myself, the guy who drew visual responses to all 52 Things A Week. This allowed me to do something I was never actually able to do before, but was hinted at in the forward for the Visual Thing A Week book. That is, installing a tiny spy camera in Joco's studio and draw a visual response as he created the song. Well, as it turns out, he was the one who installed the camera for me. I simply took advantage of it.

The video was done in an afternoon as he put the finishing touches on the song. I don't know for sure, but I think this may be the fastest visual created for a yet to be publically released song. Enjoy!

BTW, you can buy the song from Coulton here. Yes, you can download it for free, but buy a copy too for crying out loud.

UPDATE: You can now buy this image as a print at my Zazzle store. Check it.

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