Monday, February 02, 2009

Jawbone/Cinematic Titantic Meetup?

Listener Rebecca from Chicago suggested this little plan for those hoping to attend the Cinematic Titantic event in Cleveland:
"In an effort to boost my flagging spirits, The Boy suggested that we track down an upcoming Cinematic Titanic show and, by hook or by crook, go there. As it happens, the closest show will be in Cleveland.

This is where youze guys come into the picture. But not in a stalk-y, stabby way. I thought it would be kinda cool if we could see how many JawBoners we could round up out there in your listening community who would also want to make the trip Cleveland-ward and see the show. We could all meet for dinner / drinks / brunch whatever before or after the show or something. In a restaurant, of course. I'm not suggesting that you host America for the weekend."

So, what say you? Is anyone coming into Cleveland that weekend? If so, would there be any interest in an informal get-together? Please post in the comments.